8 Highlights You Need to Know About Enterprise Trucking Software

Technology is critical and Exspeedite® understands how important it is to have mobile trucking software serving your business.  Because we are copyrighted, we uniquely integrate with any vendor using an API. Our sole premise is based on transportation in today’s world, and Exspeedite® enterprise trucking software technology is designed not only for today, but with the future in mind.

We are often asked what makes Exspeedite different from the rest.  The answer is quality.  It’s no secret that there are several other trucking software providers available for small to mid-size trucking companies. Fleet operations is a huge and competitive market. Our niche is the enterprise software space; other companies do not have our specialized enterprise trucking software structure to allow them to compete with the larger trucking companies. Exspeedite does.  Your business is going to get bigger and you need a reliable partner to grow with you at your pace. Again, we are copyrighted, making us the number one and exclusive choice to meet your requirements.

  • Pallet Tracking Module – With Exspeedite, you can automatically track your pallet account and adjust information accordingly.
  • Reporting Module – Decide which departments access which reports, and set filters based on your specifications.
  • Shipment Module – Build shipments with lightning speed and efficiency with auto saving techniques.
  • Tanker Module – Add all your tanker profiles and specifics to your customized profile.
  • Tractor Module – Add attachments, connect your fuel cards, and even check your fuel log.
  • Trailer Module – Enter in all your specifics and add as many attachments as you’d like! You can view the history of where your trailer has been during any certain load or shipment.
  • Vacation Module – Add vacation time for your drivers with a convenient way to track time used and view time remaining.
  • Zoning Module – Look up mileage quickly for point-to-point locations, plus create custom filters of your own that are displayed when filtering shipments.

Our menu of offerings is comprehensive to ensure you get the highest quality enterprise trucking software with the best competitive advantage. Get ahead with our simple and affordable online platform.  We are fully-integrated to conveniently service your business.  Operations, HR, trucking dispatch and Management will benefit from our exclusive infrastructure linking all technologies, business processes, and functions together in one convenient place. We provide the best trucking software that is integrated with leading industry service and solution providers to address your portfolio of trucking business demands. Exspeedite increases the performance of your operations for outstanding customer satisfaction and exceptional retention.

We know your day-to-day business activities are overwhelming.  We know your team members are consistently looking for a better, faster, easier, and more affordable way to do things!  We know the feeling because that’s precisely why we exist.  Exspeedite has the sole purpose of easing the headaches for you that we, ourselves, used to face. We know your business pain-points, and every time we run into another potential business blocker, we enhance our software to bring you better trucking software solutions every day.