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Exspeedite Trucking Software for Your Business This New Year!

Admit it.  You’ve already broken a New Year’s Resolution or two.Was one of them to update your trucking software and find a new partner?This is the perfect time to refocus your efforts before the year gets ahead of you again!Not only is the new year upon us, so is tax season.  Exspeedite trucking software is pleased to tell you that we’ve enhanced our IFTA reports, providing you with all the tools necessary to easily file your reports in minutes.

It’s time to get organized!  Why choose Exspeedite?  We cater to your small to mid-size company.  Our portfolio consists of trucking management software for Dispatch, Brokerage, EDI, Mobile Communications, OS&D, IFTA, Order Imports, and conveniently delivers Driver Information with Event Notification instantly to your email.

We are 100% copyrighted, trademarked, and using the latest technology.  No matter what segment of transportation your business operations focus on, we will deliver the best carrier software to you, catering to each and every segment of the industry!

Exspeedite is committed to listening to our prospects and loyal, long-standing clients.  When your business needs change, so does our portfolio.  Let us know what matters to you most and we’ll address it quickly to build and enhance the software you require – put your trust in us and you’ll have the best competitive advantage against the giants!

  • Let us manage your dispatches and expenses to help you stay on top of your invoices
  • Keep up with your drivers and truck maintenance
  • Never lose your records again – all of your information is in one place!
  • Reporting on expenses & profits per mile to make the most profit from each load
  • Maintain DOT compliance and be prepared for audits
  • Full access to QuickBooks and Sage

Did you know that there is a good chance you’re paying more money for less service when it comes to your company’s software?  If you’re not partnered with Exspeedite, this is the perfect time to check us out!