enterprise trucking software

Technology is Critical

Technology is critical and Exspeedite® understands how important it is to have mobile trucking software serving your business.  Because we are copyrighted, we uniquely integrate with any vendor using an API.  Our sole premise is based on transportation in today’s world, and Exspeedite® enterprise trucking software technology is designed not only for today, but with the future in mind.

We are often asked what makes Exspeedite different from the rest.  The answer is quality.  It’s no secret that there are several other software providers available for small to mid-size trucking companies.  Fleet operations is a huge and competitive market.  Our niche is the enterprise software space; other companies do not have our specialized enterprise trucking software structure to allow them to compete with the larger trucking companies.  Exspeedite does.  Your business is going to get bigger and you need a reliable partner to grow with you at your pace.  Again, we are copyrighted, making us the number one and exclusive choice to meet your requirements.

With over 15 years of experience, Exspeedite developers have been adjusting and optimizing transportation operation and software obstacles. By fine-tuning the exact demands of trucking companies, we have advanced what we know is missing from most other trucking software products while keeping our technology timely and easy to use, at an affordable price.

What is the Exspeedite distinction?  Above being experts in our field, we’re easy to get along with!  We are personable, professional, and know what we’re talking about. We live and breathe all that involves third-party logistics, streamlining dispatch, freight brokerage, optimizing fleets, problem solving, working with shipper companies, document imaging, and the management duties in all of these areas.

Small to medium-size trucking companies need to be able to compete with the larger trucking companies, and the technology on our platform will help you contend with today’s high-tech world.  We maintain a fresh perspective and continue to make enhancements to accommodate your ever-changing trucking software needs.

Just as you are, we are excited for the future of Exspeedite! We welcome your input and feedback and rely on your comments. Needs of trucking companies evolve quickly and frequently.  We are listening and implementing what you need in order to make Exspeedite progress with you. Our software is designed and developed explicitly for the needs of small to mid-size businesses in the transportation industry.

Our menu of offerings is comprehensive to ensure you get the highest quality enterprise trucking software with the best competitive advantage.  Get ahead with our simple and affordable online platform.  We are fully-integrated to conveniently service your business.  Operations, HR, and Management will benefit from our exclusive infrastructure linking all technologies, business processes, and functions together in one convenient place. We provide the best trucking software that is integrated with leading industry service and solution providers to address your portfolio of trucking business demands. Exspeedite increases the performance of your operations for outstanding customer satisfaction and exceptional retention.

We know your day-to-day business activities are overwhelming.  We know your team members are consistently looking for a better, faster, easier, and more affordable way to do things!  We know the feeling because that’s precisely why we exist.  Exspeedite has the sole purpose of easing the headaches for you that we, ourselves, used to face. We know your business pain-points, and every time we run into another potential business blocker, we enhance our software to bring you better solutions every day.

You are here because you are researching options for the best enterprise trucking software available on the market today.  Not only do we offer the best, we keep you top-of-mind to grow your business with you.  Exspeedite is here to help you deal with your business challenges and keep up in today’s world.  Our software has a Dispatch and Accounting platform that is fully-integrated with real-time technology for Brokerage environments.  Providing cloud-based fleet tracking, you will enjoy reports automatically sent to you communicating driver information and event notification.  While you are looking to track, analyze, and optimize your fleet operations, Exspeedite has a portfolio of GPS and asset management integrations and tracking solutions.

You need premier mobile trucking software to keep your business running smoothly.  We are experts in building specialized trucking mobile applications for the trucking industry, and collaborate with our clients to bring them simple and effortless mobile technology. Exspeedite will evaluate your needs and configure your native or hybrid mobile apps. Our enterprise-grade mobile platform is secure and scalable to accommodate your demands and grow with you. Mobile applications can be integrated with Exspeedite, providing instant mobile access to your operations and administrative functions. With our mobile app, your drivers can submit their trip forms via a mobile device, which means no more manual paperwork entry by office staff!

Many of our clients are looking for and benefitting from the Exspeedite enterprise trucking software through the on Demand Software as a Service(SaaS) model. The service is available over the internet and no additional installations are required. Using this service reduces the amount of IT staffing, hardware, and ongoing maintenance. Allow your business to concentrate on business and leave the technology hosting, hardware, software, and networking issues to us. There are no upfront fees as we offer a monthly service, and there is no software installed on users’ computers. Rest assured your data is secure from viruses, computer crashes, spyware attacks, and protects you from other major security risks.

Catering to small to mid-size trucking companies, our services further include custom reporting for order imports, invoicing, equipment, and vehicle maintenance.  Exspeedite for trucking helps you streamline success, allows you to be completely mobile, provides you with the utmost level of security and maintenance of data integrity.  Simply put – Exspeedite is THE trucking software!  You will rave about our services, brag to your network about our fully-integrated features, appreciate how easy our enterprise trucking software is to use, and be pleased with our exceptional support staff.