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How We Started?

For more than 15 years, the developers of Exspeedite have been fixing and optimizing transportation operation and software issues. By fine-tuning the exact needs of trucking companies, we have developed what we know is missing from most other trucking software products, in addition to keeping our technology up to date and easy to use, at an affordable price.

Who Are We?

We are a privately owned, small business and we take pride in that, knowing we can offer our services faster, more personalized, and also at a lower price. Because Exspeedite is built on new, cloud based systems, we don’t have to stick to the old ways of doing transportation software. The future is now, and it’s wide open for us and our clients.

The transportation industry is a booming opportunity this day in age where so much in our economy is relied upon in our everyday necessities being shipped. Our world is growing smaller, and faster, and we hope to keep that efficiency, but keep the quality as well in the process. Our fully mobile and reactive software will fit perfectly into the “smart” world we are growing into today.

How is Exspeedite Different from Others?

We stand out among other trucking software companies in that we are personable, professional, and know what we’re talking about. We live and breathe all that involves third party logistics, streamlining dispatch, freight brokerage, optimizing fleets, problem solving, working with shipper companies, document imaging, and the management in all of these areas.

We are excited for the future of Exspeedite as we are open to hearing the needs of trucking companies, and implementing what they need in order to make Exspeedite work for them. Our trucking software services are designed and developed specifically for the transportation industry for the needs of small to large businesses.


Some trucking software companies develop their software on old systems that can only go so far technology-wise. Their programs remain outdated, slow, and stuck in one place.


With our modern databases, we are able to develop Exspeedite with unlimited possibilities, not having to stick to the old way of doing things. No excuses.

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