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Unlock the potential of trucking software with Exspeedite, designed to streamline your fleet operations. Our innovative approach boosts profits, lowers operating expenses, and improves efficiency. Trucking management is made easier with Exspeedite's extensive capabilities, which include automatic dispatching and real-time tracking. Ensure on-time deliveries with accurate route planning, increase compliance with integrated ELD systems, and obtain insightful knowledge with advanced analytics. Discover the game-changing potential of Exspeedite and propel your trucking company to previously unheard-of levels of expansion and prosperity. Find out how our software can transform your company's operations and help it advance in the cutthroat trucking sector.

One Place To Manage The Whole Logistics Businesses

Get End To End Trucks Maintenance Management Solutions

Enhance Trucking Business Visibility, Insights and Automations

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KeepTrucking - partner of Exspeedite, the best mobile trucking software
Comdata - partner of Exspeedite, the best mobile trucking software
FleetOne - partner of Exspeedite, the best mobile trucking software
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Truckload Carriers

Exspeedite delivers essential fleet management software to the Truckload Carriers


Exspeedite’s transportation logistics resolutions for 3PL and Brokerage businesses and carrier organizations deliver essential analytics to get ahead.

Private Fleets

Exspeedite is able to provide best trucking software for the privately-managed.


Exspeedite’s transportation management software delivers the capabilities that are essential to LTL trucking companies.

Fleet Maintenance

Improve your vehicle inspection process, report issues, discounts from provider Network and detailed service history.

 Fuel Management

Improving fuel usage and costs, Maintain, control and monitor fuel consumption and stock in any size of trucking businesses.

Track and Cost Analysis

Get real insights of spending patterns, identify loading and unloading cost in trucking business. Tracking route, facilitate to optimize.

Digital Work Orders

Our Trucking software Monitor order status, Manage Time Effectively, Eliminate Paper, Schedule Upcoming Service and Automate Workflows.

Exspeedite CRM

Exspeedite trucking Software is a powerful transportation management system that can help auto customs brokers automate their entire customs clearance process. With Exspeedite TMS Software, you can:






Exspeedite provides everything that our trucking customers need so they can do business in an organized, efficient, and easy-to-use manner. We work closely with our clients from the very beginning as we evaluate their current status and walk them through setting up our easy-to-use tools.

Exspeedite's Results


Exspeedite is here to provide problem-solving resources to give your company the freedom to focus on moving ahead toward success. We are the trucking software experts and have seen plenty of glitches and frustrations, enough to give us the knowledge and foresight to see where the problems are arising.  We work through these challenges so operations are free-flowing and creating the success that our clients are working for.

Exspeedite Works With


The Exspeedite team understands that different companies run in different ways. We have a broad array of partners that we work with to make sure that every customer has the data needed to streamline their business. We are always open to expanding our partnerships, and we value the relationships that we have with our current integration partners.

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Trucking Software Modules

Container, CRM, Dispatch, Driver Auto Rates,  Driver’s historical performance, EDI, Exchange Rate, Flatbed, FSC, Fuel card, IFTA, KPI, 3PL Load, LTL, Mileage, Multi-Company, Multi-Currency, Multi-Office, Pallet Tracking, Repair Maintenance, Shipment, check your fuel log, Trailer load or shipment, etc..

Exspeedite onDemand


For more than 15 years, the developers of Exspeedite have been fixing and optimizing transportation operation and software issues. By fine tuning the exact needs of trucking companies, we have developed what we know is missing from most other r&m trucking software  products, in addition to keeping our technology up to date and easy to use, at an affordable price. Exspeedite's best trucking software work through them so operations are free-flowing and creating the success that our clients are working for.

Trucking software work on enhancing and fixing issues for:

  1. EDI’s and other documents
  2. Transportation management system
  3. Truck Accounting management
  4. Invoice management
  5. Freight management
  6. 3PL & brokerage
  7. dispatch software

Trusted Trucking Software: Leveraging Real-Time Data

Our trucking software optimize and cater you smooth trucking operations, easy scheduling, real-time tracking, efficient route planning and Utilizing big data analytics insights.



Our trucking software gives access to 360° view of the fleet. Enhance safety and day to day operations.


Featured mobile trucking software message to closest technicians in seconds with real-time GPS and dispatch tools.


Our trucking software enhance the business safety for the entire trucking business.


Exspeedite’s mobile trucking software provides real time tracking, dispatching notification and complete process for transportation.

Pipco Transportation, Inc

Our company was using an antiquated paper dispatch system that only allowed for one person to have visibility of our daily activity.  The potential for errors was significant due to relying on a person to pencil in information from one source and transfer onto paper for processing.  The time it took to go from an order to paper then erasing and moving around was unacceptable. If others wanted to see that same information, they would have to borrow the paper sheet making it highly impractical and inefficient.

Pete Giovetsis
Pipco Transportation, Inc
PIPCO Transportation

Midway Transportation

Scott Elliot at Exspeedite and Strong Tower Consulting was introduced to my in September 2008.  We contracted his service to train and implement a “Go Live” plan for our software conversion to TWM Truck Mate.  Scott had the knowledge, skills, and tools to train our staff and do necessary hardware setup remotely.

Doug Murrey
Midway Transportation
Mid-way Transportation Inc.

Overnite Express, Inc

I have found your service to be the most beneficial service, dollar for dollar, than any other IT service around.  As an IT expert, I find it hard to  locate someone who has more solutions than you.  I have recommended your services to several others and they also were very appreciative of the referral I had given them.

Overnite Express, Inc


“Scott Elliott at Exspeedite was the key to our successful software transition. He had a cool head and a never say die attitude which no doubt played a huge
part in our conversion success. He truly knows how to get the job done.”

TransLand Testimonial

Royal Transportation, Inc

Scott at Exspeedite was key in getting my company up and running with our new software package. We put up plenty of challenge  that he creatively overcame. 

Jeremy Hunt
Royal Transportation, Inc
Royal Transportation, Inc


Exspeedite have developed what we know is missing from most other software products, in addition to keeping our technology up to date and easy to use, at an reliable price.

Exspeedite's mobile trucking software stand out among other trucking companies in that we are personable, professional, and know what we’re talking about.

We live and breathe all that involves:

  1. Best third party logistics
  2. Streamlining dispatch
  3. Freight brokerage
  4. Optimizing fleets
  5. Truck load problem solutions
  6. Working with shipper companies
  7. Document imaging

We are excited for the future of Exspeedite as we are open to hearing the needs of trucking companies, and implementing what they need in order to make us work for them. Our mobile trucking software is designed and developed specifically for the transportation industry for the needs of small to large businesses.

We are a privately owned, small business and we take pride in that, knowing we can offer our services faster, more personalized, and also at a lower price. Because Exspeedite is built on new, cloud based systems, we don’t have to stick to the old ways of doing transportation software. The future is now, and it’s wide open for us and our clients. Exspeedite uses the experience we have from solving hundreds of trucking software issues to deliver the results your business needs to be the dependable trucking company that your clients rely on.