Truckload Carriers

Trucking is big business and movement of large amount of cargo is something that should not be left in the care if a person that do not have the requisite knowledge and experience, this is as so as to avoid a disaster in the movement of cargo.

In the business of truckload trucking, there are quite a number of truckload carriers. A truckload carrier or company is essentially a trucking company that is in the business of contracting entire trailer-loads. This is mostly done to a single customer of the company.

Truckload Trucking Software for Truckload Carriers

The impact of technology in the truckload trucking business and the use of software in the trucking industry has come to stay and it can only get better.

All Hail Exspeedite Trucking Software

If you desire to use the services of experts in the trucking software business, then you should not look any further than the team of experts which we have assembled at Exspeedite.

Who Exspeedite Is?

Exspeedite is a team of trucking software experts with many years of knowledge and experience in the trucking solutions industry.

As a result, we have developed our problem-solving capabilities to  ensure the success of your company and indeed the truckload carriers.

Following our years of experience, we have seen plenty of glitches and  frustrations, enough to give us the knowledge and foresight to see where the problems are arising.

At Exspeedite, we are committed to ensuring that the operations of our clients are free-flowing thereby creating the success that they desire.

From our years of experience which we have devoted to solving hundreds of trucking program issues, we have been able to deliver outstanding and dependable results which our clients' businesses needs.

We cater to the needs of our trucking customers which helps to provide their businesses with the needed organization which ensures that their business operations are organized and that things run efficiently.

Our software and applications are also easy-to-use. Our services and software are available to all sizes of trucking companies and trucking carriers. So it does not matter, if you are a company just starting out in the trucking business we shall work closely with you as we do with all our clients to evaluate the current status of your company and walk you through setting up our easy-to-use tools.

Those We Cater To

At Exspeedite we cater to the entire spectrum of the trucking industry. The clients which we cater to include;

  • Private Fleets; who we provide trucking programs to for the privately-managed fleets.
  • Truckload Carriers; we deliver essential fleet management software to truckload carriers.
  • LTL; our transportation management software delivers the  capabilities that are  essential to  LTL trucking companies and trucking carriers.
  • 3PL & Brokerage; our transportation logistics  resolutions for 3PL and  Brokerage businesses and  carrier organizations deliver essential analytics to enable them to get ahead.

Our fast and reliable trucking program service is sure to meet your timeline and budget.

Exspeedite Trucking Software Integrations

At Exspeedite, we provide trucking software integrations that is second-to-none in the trucking program industry.

We provide accounting software integrations with QuickBooks. Our software is also integrated with Sage.

This makes it possible for you to transfer over every single detailed line item for  all  your invoices by just a single click. You can do this by simply entering your dispatch information into our trucking dispatch software and send the final invoice over to  QuickBooks or Sage.

Our integration also allows you to transfer over your client and account lists, as  well as  your expenses. This software integration is available for drivers and carriers.

Your business and accounting needs can't get any simpler than this, with our fully-integrated trucking software with accounting integration.

With us your data can be transmitted through our All-Custom Mapping.

All data will be transmitted as you choose to carriers, shippers, and consignees  through electronic EDI documents. This makes it possible for you to access information quickly for better decision making.

EDI Exspeedite offers transportation management system  so you can run your business as efficiently as possible and have instant access to information exactly when you need it. Through our All-Custom Mapping, all data is transmitted between carriers, shippers, and consignees through electronic EDI documents.

Understanding Our EDI

For all our clients and also prospective clients, here are explanations for the EDI documents.

204 Inbound

From the carrier’s perspective, this is an electronic order from a shipper. Our trucking software receives translated 204 flat files from customers, creating pending orders. Simply accept, decline, or view details for the order in the EDIgrid.

The software automatically generates 990s based on decisions made on load tenders.

204 Outbound

From Exspeedite you can send shipments electronically to your carrier via EDI. 990 – Generated in response  to  204 inbound and is used by carriers to show if it  will pick up a shipment previously offered by the shipper.

This is used by the shipper or third party to tender the offer of the shipment and may be used to accept or reject a Spot Bid Request from a shipper. 997- Sent in response to each transaction received and indicates acceptance by a shipper, carrier, or payee. Simply, it’s an acknowledging data  received by a party to another party.


Outbound  document informing  carrier, shipper, or consignee of order status.  Data includes dates,  times, locations, route,  and reference numbers.


Our Tracking Software Modules

Our trucking software modules are the best for your trucking company and indeed trucking carriers of any size.

Her are the trucking programing modules which we offer to our clients at Exspeedite;

  • Carrier

We have completely automated the on boarding process at Exspeedite which will ensure you meet your performance and due diligence objectives within one convenient system.

  • Brokerage

We surpasses industry  leaders when it comes to flexibility and overall use. As a client, we make it possible for you to customize your menu of software options to  fit exactly with your business needs and processes.

Our trucking program offers functionality that allows you to add extra features – so as you grow, we grow with you.

  • Container

You can easily manage your tracking operations  for all container and chassis movements while you uncover any late charges for rental fees  and returns. Dispatch  functions are integrated  with Exspeedite to allow  you to access your  information, so you’ll  enjoy a seamless  transition between order  entry, planning, billing, and settlements.

  • Pallet Tracking

With Exspeedite, you can automatically track your pallet account and adjust information accordingly.

  • Shipment

You can build shipments with lightning speed and efficiency with auto  saving techniques available on our software.

  • Flatbed

Our TMS administers real-time automated alerts, which allows you to monitor and enhance business  performance. Easily identify any gaps and inefficiencies with your load haulers, including flatbeds, heavy freight, and over-sized deliveries.

  • CRM

Our Customer  Relationship Management module provides integrated functionality with your existing system to make sales and marketing initiatives more organized and effective.  We bring you impressive and simple automation methods meant to support your sales staff, and you  can house all your historic  data in one location.

  • Fuel Card

The Fuel Surcharge Module also allows you to add vendor fuel cards for set up and provides you the ability to populate fuel per state and per tractor with the single click of a button.



Without a single doubt, Exspeedite has proven to be the Transportation management solution provider of choice for trucking carriers of any size.