QuickBooks or Sage Software

QuickBooks integration?

We often get asked if our Exspeedite trucking software offers QuickBooks integration.  How could we not?

Not only do we integrate our trucking software with QuickBooks by Intuit, we made the process the easiest of all!  With a single click, you can transfer over every single detailed line item for all your invoices into QuickBooks.

The option for QuickBooks integration is also available for drivers and carriers.

We are trucking software experts, not accounting or tax experts, but we know you need more than basic accounting features.  That’s why we found the easiest way to accommodate your needs is through QuickBooks integration.  Your bookkeepers and tax professionals are already using it and that’s why you need your trucking software to conveniently export information through our Intuit QuickBooks integration.

Exspeedite wants to lessen your load – and that means you shouldn’t have to enter your data multiple times into multiple platforms.  You need to be able to send all your information, especially your invoices, to QuickBooks in one easy click of a button.

We work closely with Intuit to bring you the best solutions – simply enter your dispatch information into our Exspeedite trucking software – and send the final invoice over to QuickBooks.

Our QuickBooks integration also allows you to transfer over your client and account lists, as well as your expenses.

Keep your business and accounting needs simple using Exspeedite’s trucking software with QuickBooks Integration!

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