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Exspeedite's Best Decision for Your Trucking Business

Dispatch is one of the most important, if not The most important, operational element of your business.  That’s why you need to check out the Exspeedite Truck Dispatch Software!!

Have you spent countless hours researching truck software solutions when you already have a full workload to attend to?

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You don’t need to sit through a number of sales calls with many vendors agonizing over which company is best – Exspeedite ensures that with our truck dispatch software, you are making the best decision for your business.

We give you fast access on the status of your drivers, orders, trailers, and truckload carriers that has a display that is easy to navigate.  Exspeedite  provides quick lists, instantly providing your business with the truck dispatch software you need to run your business in the most efficient way possible. Exspeedite offers you access to all your important information that includes financial reporting flows, driver pay, dispatch, order processing, and accounting, offering you the most user-friendly experience.

Exspeedite’s Truck Dispatch Software Benefits

  1. Driver Availability :

The Exspeedite truck software gives you simple visibility into what drivers are available, where all your trucks are, and how closely you are on schedule or if your trips are running behind.

  1. Need help with equipment? 

We keep it easy on our dashboard where you can see your order status – are your trucks dispatched?  Completed?  Overdue?  One quick glance will show you everything you need to know.

  1. Drivers Details:

Getting information and entering new orders with our truck dispatch software is a very seamless process you’ll be excited to use. Exspeedite allows you to place new orders, view equipment, carrier, and driver options, including driver call-ins.  As you constantly communicate with your drivers, our truck software allows you to share details effectively with your drivers while they’re making their trips!

  1. Send Information to Driver:

It’s hard to find a trucking company these days that aren’t using tablets and smart phones to send information to drivers.  The Exspeedite truck software is an easy and quick way to pass your messages and trucking transactions electronically to and from all your drivers!

Fleet Management Solutions

Exspeedite is a cloud-based fleet management solution, offering all the features you need to run your business.  Our truck dispatch software provides simple routing and dispatch, trailer tracing, GPS monitoring and more. We have designed our business specifically to help small to mid-sized fleet business operators, like yourself, compete with the giants in the industry.  Give us a try!  You’ll be very pleased to see how simple we make it for you to track the physical location of your fleets while monitoring your drivers' behavior.  We hate to make it sound like you’re snooping on your fine drivers who are working very hard for you every single day, but then again, you do still need to stay complaint with FMCSA and ELD mandates and regulations!

You need truck dispatch software that shows you the best available route for your drivers and gives you real-time traffic updates. Exspeedite collects important data on vehicle performance, unnecessary halts, fuel waste, and even breakdowns to back-office managers. Exspeedite is the expert in truck dispatch software, helping you engage your fleet with actionable insights and innovative solutions.

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We’re not done yet…organizations all over the map sign up for Exspeedite truck dispatch software because they are worried about their drivers’ safety, tired of high fleet operating costs, and realize they can easily become more efficient, saving valuable money and time.  Now it’s your turn!