Effectiveness of Exspeedite Trucking software in 3PL and Brokerage

If you are still stuck in the old age era of managing the transport system or your general company through manual systems, we have good news for you. Through the use of trucking software, you can almost be certain to eliminate a bunch of errors and reduce the paperwork to a manageable level. Exspeedite which is optimized to streamline the transport operations and provide software solutions is the ultimate choice.

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At Exspeedite, everything is handled professionally and we have been in the market long enough to know the loopholes as well as milestones that can put your third party logistics business down. You can also check more of our services that we can integrate into your system to make it more effective. As opposed to a majority of other service providers, we give intensive training to our customers as well as their staff so that minimal challenges are encountered.

In fact, it’s joked that the software promotes laziness because it does all the hard work and leaves you with only a few clicks to achieve a set objective. But, the wise use the saved time to use other constructive tasks. The Exspeedite trucking software also ensures that you stay updated with all matters pertaining to logistics as well as taxation. The software basically covers the entire process from receiving an order to delivery to the intended client.

All that’s required from you is the commitment and Exspeedite will evaluate the entire process of your business to see what we need to add on our template to suit your business. Every business is treated as a different entity since we understand the business requirements are different and unique. The third party logistics trucking software, brokerage companies, and carrier organizations are fast shifting to digital and whoever stiffens to the wave of change is likely to become obsolete. Who wants the failing option anyway?

Fast facts and benefits you get from Exspeedite trucking software and transport solution

To make it really simple for you to go through the benefits you get from our software and services, we shall use a point form to highlight these:

  • Depending on the option you choose, you can get a KeepTruckin mobile app to manage your operations or enterprise integrated software that allows several individuals with administrative authority to track the whole process. However, if you don’t want pieces of software on your machine, we also have a web-based option that is billed monthly but we assure the transactions and data supplied are private and confidential with no unauthorized access.


  • Handling shipments can be an involving task if you don’t have the right software. With Exspeedite trucking software, you can sort your shipments based on forklift, office, mode of transport like van, approved, undelivered, in progress, date, or with any other variable that you feel is supreme in your system as we can do any customization based on a client’s needs.


  • The process of placing an order is made simple if you have the Exspeedite trucking software as there are options for copy pasting, duplication, and fast customization of the order forms. You can add as many commodities and dispatch notes as you like depending on your coverage. Once the software is installed, there are unlimited customization options. In case of any challenges, you can get in touch for support.


  • Unit costing is made easy since the software can categorize the billing based on various variables like the rate per mile, per hour billing, days taken, fuel per tractor, and many more. The other outstanding feature of this software is its capability of being integrated with QuickBooks and SAGE.


  • Assigning trucks to drivers or driver management trucking software is made really easy as you can always see all the available trucks as well as the drivers. It only involves a few clicks on the drop-down menus and the work is assigned. There are options for emailing the driver and in case of any delay; there is an option to give the reason for that. The best part with the software is that you can check the mobile location of any load at any given time.


  • The integration of the system in finance and accounting makes the reporting, filing reports, and placing orders an easy task because it has multiple currency options, and an up to date electronic data interchange that ensures timely data share. It also reduces duplication of tasks and by implication reduces the human resource required as most of the work is done by the machine.


  • One of the key features that make this trucking software effective is its simplicity. As long as you have basic computer usage skills, you will be good to operate. It’s optimized for an end user who follows a guided prompt to achieve a target. The drop-down menus also make the integrated management system easy to operate.


  • The Exspeedite software scales the height of your brokerage, or 3PL (third party logistics trucking software) business together with you as it has unlimited page customization tabs depending on how well you master its operations. There is almost no risk associated with the growth of the business. In fact, the client enjoys the benefits of large scale production as the business grows. The same software will accommodate a higher production level.

Can use of a trucking software increase profits?

Installing or using a web-based application of the Exspeedite software does not directly increase the profitability of an organization. However, it does so in an indirect way; the costs saved through the efficiency of trucking software do not count to reduce the operating profit. The human resource required to execute an activity is also greatly reduced. All these work to increase the profitability of a business.

Wrap up:


Exspeedite will offer you the trucking software solutions to run your third party logistics in an effective way while optimizing on your efficiency. You get information when you need it. Be it on the status of the order, you can check whether its delivered or not, billed or not, the driver with the load, history of the driver, the fuel cost, mobile location of the load, and many other variables that might almost be impossible to monitor in manual essential fleet management or truck dispatch software system.

The main goal of the software is to get you started with the least challenges as well as prosper in your business. Working smart is the key to succeeding in the business and one way of doing so is integrating information system in business operations. There is no doubt that you will get the full value of money in terms of efficiency, time saved, errors eliminated, accountability, etc