IFTA Fuel Tax Software Through Exspeedite

Looking to refresh your IFTA reporting module? Exspeedite IFTA fuel tax software is designed specifically for IFTA and allows you to see your fuel and miles per state with some fancy graphs that will help you analyze your business! We don’t like boring models. We use fancy graphs!

IFTA reporting is not something most people love to do! It seems that trucking companies consistently tend to postpone IFTA reporting until the final day and the deadline has arrived. We get it!

Unfortunately, there is no way around it as a trucking company owner or an owner operator. Exspeedite IFTA fuel tax software will help you avoid the penalties and fines by ensuring your reporting is accurate and ready before the mandated deadline!

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting Software

Exspeedite trucking software will automatically update IFTA tax rates for you that includes every jurisdiction, every quarter. We’ll track the history of the Fuel Tax Rates so you can compare them any time you need to.  Import your fuel mileage directly, automatically generate your fuel purchases, electronically download any fuel transactions for review, and report away! Tracking business expenses has never been easier. Exspeedite IFTA software houses all the critical information you need and is conveniently integrated on one platform.

Exspeedite has your IFTA filings covered in just a few minutes – not that 3 days a quarter you’re typically spending! Our fuel tax software enables you to track your fuel and miles by state, providing a much easier way to file your IFTA.

We have the most user-friendly experience to help automate IFTA rate updates, provide accurate reporting per truck, per month, or per quarter, and you can access our IFTA software on any device that connects to the internet. Exspeedite gives you the most reliable protection from interest charges, penalties, and unnecessary fines.

Exspeedite fuel tax software is the most compliant, easiest, and complete and tax reporting software in the industry.

Let’s look at some of the features of IFTA!

  1. Ability to match the IFTA form with your jurisdiction and import non-abbreviated names
  2. Built-in PC*Miler tool
  3. Organize your data and generate unlimited reports
  4. Convert units automatically across borders
  5. Easily import fuel card data from your fuel card providers
  6. Upload bulk fuel data from your records
  7. Correct any data that is missing data (date, unit info, etc.)

Impressive, right?  We think so!  In fact, we have no doubt that the Exspeedite IFTA  software is the answer to your business that we want to talk to you about a free trial offer!

If you’re reevaluating your business needs while researching new IFTA fuel tax software partners to do business with, are looking to save money, time, and increase efficiency, you’ve found your perfect match with Exspeedite! Competing with the giants is what we do! Exspeedite’s fuel tax software delivers the capabilities that are essential to running your business every day. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through it!  Ask us about any other features you need – we have those, too!