Exspeedite Brings You Trucking Accounting Software

Well, to say “brings you” makes it sound like it’s a new offering.  It’s not – in fact, here at Exspeedite, you’ll find the best trucking accounting software anyone in the industry has to offer!  Unless you’re a CPA living the dream and loving life during tax season, you’re probably not as thrilled to be dealing with numbers all day!  You’ve got a business to run.  Enter Exspeedite, the best cloud-based fleet management solution specifically built for your small or mid-sized company.

You’re constantly on the move (do you ever breathe?) and need a partner who can stay one step ahead of you and capable of growing with your ever-changing business demands.  We get it.  Exspeedite trucking accounting software developers have been at it for over 15 years and still continue to offer you the best service available at a lower price!  It is difficult enough to compete in this established market, and in today’s world, you need to have trucking accounting software that is enhanced with every upgrade. Our unique platform provides problem-solving resources to give your company the freedom to focus on moving ahead toward success.

What is the Exspeedite distinction? 

Above being trucking accounting software experts in our field, we’re easy to get along with!  We are personable, professional, and know what we’re talking about. We live and breathe all that involves third-party logistics, streamlining dispatch, freight brokerage, optimizing fleets, problem solving, working with shipper companies, document imaging, and management duties in all areas.

Small to medium-size trucking companies need to be able to compete with the larger trucking companies, and the technology on our trucking accounting software platform will help you contend with today’s high-tech world.  We maintain a fresh perspective and continue to make enhancements to accommodate your ever-changing needs.

Reliable Accounting Integration

Not only do we integrate our trucking accounting software with QuickBooks and Sage, we made the process the easiest of all!  With a single click, you can transfer over every single detailed line item for all your invoices. Simply enter your dispatch information into our Exspeedite trucking accounting software and send the final invoice over to QuickBooks or Sage. Our integration also allows you to transfer over your client and account lists, as well as your expenses.  It is available for drivers and carriers, too!  Keep your business and accounting needs simple using Exspeedite’s fully-integrated enterprise trucking software with accounting integration!

  • QuickBooks online
  • QuickBooks desktop
  • Sage accounting


The Exspeedite menu of offerings is comprehensive to ensure you get the highest quality enterprise trucking accounting software with the best competitive advantage.  Get ahead with our simple and affordable online platform.  We are fully-integrated to conveniently service your business. xOperations, HR, and Management will benefit from our exclusive infrastructure linking all technologies, business processes, and functions together in one convenient place. We provide superior trucking accounting software that is integrated with leading industry service and solution providers to address your portfolio of trucking business demands. Exspeedite increases the performance of your operations for outstanding customer satisfaction and exceptional retention.  Join us today – we look forward to your partnership!