Mobile Application

We specialize in building mobile applications for the trucking industry, assisting our clients with mobile technology that is easy and effortless. Based on the client’s needs, we build native or hybrid mobile apps. Our enterprise-grade mobile platform is secure and scalable to accommodate your growth. Mobile applications can be integrated with Exspeedite, providing instant mobile access to your operations and admin functions. Our mobile app allows drivers to submit their trip forms via a mobile device, avoiding paperwork that requires office staff to manually enter information.

Interprise software

Exspeedite enterprise trucking software is an affordable and easy-to-use, online, fully-integrated trucking software to meet your operations, HR, and management needs. It creates an infrastructure that links technologies, business processes, and functions. Our software is integrated with major industry service and solution providers to address various trucking business demands. Exspeedite trucking software increases the efficiency of your operations for greater customer satisfaction and higher retention.

Exspeedite onDemand

Our onDemand software is Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The service is available over the internet and no additional installations are required. It reduces the IT staffing, hardware, and ongoing maintenance. This allows the business to concentrate on business and leave the technology hosting, hardware, software, and networking issues to us. There is no upfront fee and we only charge a monthly service. As there is no software installed on users’ computers, your data is secure from viruses, computer crashes, and spyware attacks.

Our clients are the priority with every step of setting up service. We begin with a close look at the current position of the business and how information is flowing, then we provide a new and enhanced picture of their portfolio. By keeping our developers and trainers involved, our clients understand what they need for the walk-through. Our professional and practiced team, specific to the trucking industry, is here to ensure that our clients have exactly what they are looking for. If you’re searching for an all-new small or large business transportation software package - or need a custom-made, easy-to-use tool to help your company - you will find it here.

The Exspeedite package provides many different ways to get help and find solutions for all of your trucking needs. Exspeedite’s addition of 3PL Logistics help  has several different forms for personalized projects and is specifically built to promote ease of workflow to every branch of your business.


We provide on-site, remote, and video training so that everyone within your business can feel confident and comfortable with the tools from Exspeedite. We look forward to everyone knowing the ins and outs of our software, and optimizing all facets of the ways that it can serve your company. Our training is flexible, professional, and personalized enough to ensure that everything is understood and handed off for use in the most successful way.