LTL (Less Than Truckload)

Expeedite’s transportation management software delivers the capabilities that are essential to LTL trucking companies. These LTL, also known as less than truckload or less than load shipping companies help in the transportation of relatively small freight.  Being the trucking software experts that we are, we have a lot of experience in most,, if not all things related to trucking, including LTL. This helps us to know where and when a problem has occurred and the best possible solutions to such a problem.

LTL Truckload Software

At Exspeedite, after about 15 years of service, we have built a great relationship with several carriers. We have seen the good and hard times, dealt with several freight claims, and worked on a large number of freight shipments. Despite all of this, we have thrived. We are very concerned about the relationships we have built with our several carriers because we know how necessary and beneficial such a relationship could be to all parties involved.

We identify and have aligned with the carriers with values and ethics which match ours. We then act on these relationships by being open communicators and development of opportunities. We communicate our requirements to our less-than-truckload carrier leaders and operators with a collaborative aura. These less-than truckload carriers that we have worked with have often responded in a favorable manner and have built reasonable service offerings with our organization.

Our carriers know what we consider as service failures and great performance and the penalties and rewards respectively which they receive for their actions. Our organization has been set apart with a set of credible benefits for excellent work. We also make use of a standardized scorecard for our less-than-truckload carriers which align their goals and objectives with the ones which have been set by our own organization. Some of our requirements include delivery and pick-ups, freight invoice accuracy, order automation statistics amongst others. We receive feedback from our freight carriers on how they feel about their relationship with our organization and we brainstorm ways to make both sides more efficient while improving customer service.

Our relationship with our carriers is a whole lot more than just service expectations, rates, and capacity. It also is about improving network value and efficiency. We understand how the behavior between the LTL carriers and shippers affect the chain of supply while reducing the cost of transported goods, improving customer service, carrier’s margin and increase rates.

We ensure that freight transported with the aid of LTL companies which are usually handled by several carriers are handled with care. This is done by packaging the goods to protect them from vibrations, humidity, et cetera.  Usually, we load freight into pallets or crates. This proper packaging serves for the purpose of protecting the freight from handling and transit damage, reducing package pilferage, avoiding loss situations amongst others.

We maintain that the good practice of placing a tracking number on the sides of each piece of freight to avoid misrouting or misleading is practiced. This is because we are well aware that proper labels, bar codes, et cetera are important for proper routing and delivery.

Knowing that LTL carriers prefer to handle shipment with the least amount of handling units possible, we endeavor to transfer lesser pallets containing numerous boxes shrink wrapped into a single piece. This in turn helps to minimize the shipping costs and risk of damage during transit.

We have created an atmosphere where the organization, shippers and carriers obtain something of value.  This non-adversarial relationship is of immense benefit during challenging interactions and allows for more opportunities while advancing the possibilities for all. This sound relationship we have established at Exspeedite helps us work effectively with our LTL carriers to deliver improved and sustainable effects.