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Exspeedite's Transportation Management software System (TMS) is your all-in-one trucking management solutions for managing and optimizing your transportation, supply-chain and logistics operations. Our transportation management software provide reduce paper work, improve transparency between truck companies and their clients. Further more TMS present end to end facilities for trucking companies no space of inefficiencies, delays, and paper work or manual processes.

Comprehensive real-time visibility and control throughout the whole transportation network.

Increases productivity by allowing partners to take on additional duties.

Reduced paperwork In your trucking business, and helps to increase productivity, organizing appointments and producing bills.

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TMS (Transport Management System)

1. Real-time tracking

2. Seamless Booking

3. Driver efficiency

4. Automated invoicing

5. Integration capabilities

6. Comprehensive reporting

Transportation Management Software: Why You Need For Your Trucking Business?

End-To-End Visibility

Transportation Management System (TMS) offers you to do unparalleled control and analyze the insight with End-to-End visibility in trucking businesses. Our top rated TMS provides a comprehensive trucking solutions, offering a real-time, needful view of entire transportation networks. From the initial loading orders to the final dispatching process, gain transparency across all stages of the supply chain. This end-to-end visibility empowers you to track shipments, monitor vehicle locations, and assess performance metrics seamlessly. With a single integrated mobile trucking software, optimize decision-making, enhance efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction. Experience the power of clarity and control with our TMS.

Optimization Of Routing

Routing optimization is the strategic enhancement of transportation routes to achieve maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In the realm of logistics and transportation management, TMS' advanced algorithms involves utilizing optimizing routes and real-time data to determine the most efficient route for logistics services.

The optimized routing is made possible through pool distribution which is now made necessary as a result of shortened order cycles. This will afford your business the opportunity of controlling your deliveries more effectively. With this, you consider the optimum pool point before handling your shipments.

Improves Cash Flow For Your Business

Implementing a Transportation Management System (TMS) in your transportation management business enhances cash flow by leveraging technology to boost operational efficiency. TMS software on your business operations directly contributes to improved financial dynamics. An effective TMS installation goes beyond streamlining processes; it analyzes financial data, offering insights into potential cost reductions, further enhancing cash flow. This comprehensive solution empowers you to pinpoint specific areas within your business for targeted improvement, ensuring that your transportation operations not only benefit from increased efficiency but also thrive financially.


Empower your drivers with a comprehensive mobile trucking app designed for seamless trip management. In our mobile trucking app streamlines the entire process, from trip initiation and invoices clearance, weather alerts, and proof of dispatching the goods. With a user-friendly interface, drivers can effortlessly manage their trips, receive next trip location or approvals, submit bills, stay alerted with real-time notifications, and provide proof of 3PL. Enhance efficiency, reduce paperwork, and elevate the driver experience with our all-in-one mobile solution.

Improve Customer Experience

The customer is king and keeping the customer satisfied is part of the recipes for business success. Part of satisfying the customer is giving the customer a worthwhile experience such that would make them want to use your services again and again. When you have a transportation management software in place your business it improves customer experience by matching the specific needs of the customer with best carrier and shipment offerings that are available. As a part of supply chain management at every point in your business where there is a customer interface, a transportation management solution makes the experience worthwhile.


Capacity acquisition in Transportation Management Software (TMS) refers to the system's ability to efficiently and manage available transport resources, such as trucks, carriers, and drivers. This crucial feature ensures that businesses can optimize their logistics operations by securing the right capacity at the right time, ultimately enhancing overall transportation efficiency. In a TMS, capacity acquisition involves functions like carrier load planning, carrier selection, and real-time visibility, allowing businesses to match available capacity with shipment demands, minimize costs, and maximize the utilization of resources.

Cloud based TMS Software System

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1. Our transportation management software provides comprehensive visibility and control throughout the whole transportation network are provided via integrated transportation planning and optimization, execution, and financial reconciliation.

2. Without human interaction, transportation management system helps to plan and execute practically every transportation-related operation from order creation to delivery using decision-making technologies.

3. TMS capabilities are provided to all service providers throughout the transportation network by leveraging a multi-party network.

4. TMS's footprint is being expanded in order to address upstream and downstream issues that directly influence transportation.

5. For all transactions in your transportation ecosystem, captures a single version of the truth.

6. Increases productivity by allowing partners to take on additional duties, such as organizing appointments and producing bills, on their own.

7. TMS provides real-time visibility into the status of shipments.

8. Allows you to specify which people and organizations have access to information and can perform transactions.

Transportation Management Software: Modules


Customize your menu of software options to fit exactly with your business needs and processes.


Exspeedite will ensure you meet both objectives within one convenient system.

Client Auto Rate

This is the functionality that ties all the auto ratings together! With this service, you can create special rules per individual client.


Reporting module designed specifically for IFTA that allows you to see your fuel and miles per state with some fancy graphs that will help you analyze your business.


Easily manage your tracking operations for all container and chassis movements while you uncover any late charges for rental fees and returns.


Easily identify any gaps and inefficiencies with your load haulers, including flatbeds, heavy freight, and over-sized deliveries.

Cloud based TMS Software System

Trucking Software Solutions For Trucking Business Management System

Plan, Execute, and Optimize for Trucking Business to Smooth Delivery of Goods

The management of trucking companies is about to be revolutionized by Exspeedite. It guarantees on-time supply of commodities by combining sophisticated planning tools, real-time execution capabilities, and extensive optimization features. From a single, intuitive interface, users may easily handle routes, track shipments, and keep an eye on driver performance. By streamlining processes and increasing efficiency, expenses are eventually cut and customer satisfaction is raised.

Furthermore, the strong analytics of Exspeedite offer insightful information on operational parameters and fleet performance. This data-driven strategy helps transportation companies to plan ahead, foresee any problems, and improve their procedures all the time. Companies can maintain their competitiveness and guarantee dependable service and steady expansion with Exspeedite.

Benefits of Logistics Transportation Management Software

By leveraging these benefits, logistics transportation management software enhances operational efficiency, boosts customer satisfaction, and drives continuous improvement across the supply chain.

Cost Reduction

  1. Optimizes routes
  2. Consolidates shipments
  3. Improves fuel efficiency


  1. Automates load planning
  2. Streamlines scheduling
  3. Ensures compliance management

Process Automation

  1. Reduces manual errors
  2. Saves valuable time
  3. Enhances efficiency

Freight Tracking

  1. Provides real-time shipment monitoring
  2. Ensures timely deliveries
  3. Allows proactive problem-solving

Time Savings

  1. Automates repetitive tasks
  2. Increases operational efficiency
  3. Reduces administrative workload

Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction

  1. Ensures timely deliveries
  2. Enhances service quality
  3. Increases customer satisfaction

Why Choose Exspeedite For Transport Management System

There are quite a number of fleet management systems that are available today, each promising one thing or the other, but one stands out. Exspeedite trucking software is the best choice transportation system software available for trucking businesses of any size.

Our TMS is designed with every part of your business in mind. Our IFTA Reporting module or IFTA Calculator benefits your trucking business. It makes it possible for you to see your fuel and miles per state with some fancy graphs that will help you analyze your business. This will enable to identify parts of your business operation that needs improvement.

  1. No paper need or return to complete and mail
  2. Tax Calculation or refund due
  3. Faster processing of your ROI
  4. Acknowledgement about your return has been received
  5. Acknowledgement about your payment

Our trucking management system software also keeps your finances organized with real-time exchange rate information to help your financial decision and trucking invoices making for your business.

The TMS solutions at the heart of every successful transportation management business. The successful use of fleet software systems has been made possible through the use of the available transport infrastructure such as roads and trucks. So, technology has played and still plays a very critical role.

For a transportation management company that has not yet embraced the use of a TMS, there are quite a number of reasons why the company should so now as the reasons for which to use a trucking software, when implemented, it will help the business to grow.

Some of the reasons why your trucking business should use a trucking software include, to optimize routing in your business, to improve your business cash flow, to improve customer experience and to reduce the use of bulky paperwork. With these reasons in mind while getting a transportation management software for your business, you are positioning your business for efficient service delivery.

When choosing a TMS for your trucking business it is important to choose one that is ready to partner with your business for the long to make sure that your business succeeds. When you choose the Exspeedite's transportation software, you are not getting only transportation system software, you are also getting a veritable partner too that is as keen on the growth of your enterprise.

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