Along with the many other features present on the Exspeedite website- such as the management software which delivers the capabilities essential to less-than-truckload trucking companies, logistics management software for 3PL and brokerage businesses, etc. QuickBooks and Sage have become featured on the website. We work with a variety of software companies successfully, and QuickBooks and Sage happen to also be on the list.

QuickBook and Sage

QuickBooks is a tool for businesses marketed and distributed by Intuit for the sole purpose of managing payrolls, payments, accounts, and even tracks time. It is almost indispensable to small and medium scale enterprises and self-owned businesses. They offer on-premise applications, cloud-based versions and mobile applications that help to perform the many functions. QuickBooks has many web-based features which have been integrated into it by its developer, Intuit. These features include remote payroll assistance, remote access capabilities, and electronic payment functions, outsourcing, online banking, and reconciliation, etc.

QuickBooks can create invoices which help the business track sales by customers. The user is able to review the Accounts Receivable Aging Report which has the detailing of past and present invoices so that the user can recheck any excesses. With QuickBooks, the user is also able to access several reports which are pre-built in the application and updated in real-time to provide useful information for the business. It also keeps tracks of expenditure or payments via connection to bank and credit account and will help pay bills when due. QuickBooks has a unique function that helps automatically calculate and run payroll when needed. With QuickBooks, financial statements are always on time and up-to-date. It can help pay workers via cheque or direct deposit, calculate taxes, and fill payroll forms and directly e-pay. Also, QuickBooks helps to keep track of the inventory and updates them as soon as transactions are entered. Although this can be done with an Excel spreadsheet, QuickBooks makes the work easier and consumes less time.

With QuickBooks, payments can be made online via the Intuit payment feature and there is no monthly fee to use the Intuit payment feature. Another important benefit of the QuickBooks software is that it can be used to scan the receipt and allows the user to attach a receipt to the corresponding transaction. An unlimited number of receipts can be uploaded in the cloud along with the user data. This saves the stress of manually matching receipts with transactions and reduces the frequency of missing receipts.

It comes in various forms QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Self-employed, and QuickBooks Mac. All of these have their individual feature and benefits. At Exspeedite Trucking Sofware, we have been able to incorporate this to our website as one among our many software.

In addition to QuickBooks, Sage is another software recently added to the Exspeedite website. Just like QuickBooks, it is a software for small and medium scale enterprises that provide management support of these businesses. It provides solutions to accounting problems as part of its Accpac, MAS, and X3 products, this supports the manufacturing, distribution and service needs of these companies as well as specialized capabilities for specific industries. It is a computerized package with numerous properties or features to process finances.

With Sage, the user is able to access real-time information about the account as the transactions are up-to-date. It makes data entry much quicker and easier than it would be if done manually and the information only has to be entered into the system once, even if it has multiple uses. It is cost effective and more efficient than paper base accounting and as accountancy becomes more complex, Sage makes the process more straightforward than manual accounting.

We should be able to convert QuickBooks Desktop to Online by checking what is required in the file, making sure our QuickBooks Desktop Data are prepared to be exported, creating an online account about QuickBooks. After the account has been created, we should be able to open QuickBooks Desktop and select the option “Export Company File to QuickBooks Online” from the menu that addresses the COMPANY. We will then need to sign in again into our QuickBooks Online Account and consult our accountant before we bring over our inventory. We can then select our company to import our data.

Smaller enterprises and businesses have been using Sage in order to effectively manage their projects. Its interface is very easy to understand and use. Once we notice that the same suppliers and customers have been our regular contacts. Then it is high time we set their contacts on Sage account. This account allows us to know who owes us and who we also owe money. We can easily import business contacts from our mobile phones or desktops in order to save time.  This is mostly done in CSV file format. However, if we do not have all these contacts, we can as well create contacts file manually by clicking the contacts tab on the account and enter whatever information that is required. Creation of two bank accounts is mandatory after signing up for an account in Sage. These two accounts include cash in hand account and current account. We can finally, import our product and service records or also create manually.

Generally, Sage is able to print out invoices, make payments, analyze sales, calculate payroll, update customer record, value stock, summarize customer account, alter stock levels, update general ledger amongst others. The chances of human error are almost completely ruled out with Sage and this highly accurate feature is an utmost benefit to the user.

Sage core products set is categorized into accounting, payroll and human capital management and payment. Because they operate in many countries, the products are tailored to fit each country’s laws regarding accounting, payroll, and taxes. They are the world’s third largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software only behind Oracle and SAP and the largest supplier to small businesses.

At Exspeedite, our accounting software provide solutions to transportation problems. We exist to deliver solutions relating to trucking software issues. These solutions can be utilized by your business in order to effectively manage the transportation business effectively. We do not use the traditional methods of transportation software. We have, however, established our business on systems that are based on the cloud. With this development, you can easily print invoices on Sage. You can download, install and recommend our software to business associates for effective bookkeeping management and project management in business. This software will automatically allow you login to your QuickBooks database and operate effectively along with the linked Sage. There are several benefits to explore from our software, which will enable you to operate and manage your business transactions effectively and accurately.