The ABCs of Exspeedite’s Trucking Software Module Integration

Accounting Integration – Not only do we integrate our trucking software with QuickBooks and Sage, we made the process the easiest of all!  With a single click, you can transfer over every single detailed line item for all your invoices. Simply enter your dispatch information into our Exspeedite trucking software and send the final invoice over to QuickBooks or Sage. Our integration also allows you to transfer over your client and account lists, as well as your expenses.  It is available for drivers and carriers, too!  Keep your business and accounting needs simple using Exspeedite’s fully-integrated enterprise trucking software with accounting integration!

  1. QuickBooks online
  2. QuickBooks desktop
  3. Sage accounting

Brokerage Module – Exspeedite surpasses industry leaders when it comes to flexibility and overall use.  Customize your menu of software options to fit exactly with your business needs and processes.  Our trucking software offers functionality that allows you to add extra features – so as you grow, we grow with you!

Carrier Module – It is critical to automate the on boarding process and perform proper due diligence, and Exspeedite will ensure you meet both trucking software objectives within one convenient system.

Client Auto Rate Module – This is THE functionality that ties all the auto ratings together! With this service, you can create special rules per individual client:

  1. Per mile
  2. Auto attach fuel surcharges
  3. Per pallet rate – incremental
  4. Detention time, including both loaded detention and unloading detention

Handling charges for your clients’ shippers and your clients’ consignees, as well as handling per pallet and even the driver’s rate

Freight charges for shipper-to-consignee points and flat rate state-to-state

Any extra charges that you’d like automatically attached to client invoice

Container Module – Easily manage your tracking operations for all container and chassis movements while you uncover any late charges for rental fees and returns.  Dispatch functions are integrated with Exspeedite trucking software to allow you to access your information, so you’ll enjoy a seamless transition between order entry, planning, billing, and settlements.

CRM Module – Exspeedite’s Customer Relationship Management module provides integrated functionality with your existing system to make sales and marketing initiatives more organized and effective. We bring you impressive and simple trucking software automation methods meant to support your sales staff, and you can house all your historic data in one location.