The ABCs of Exspeedite’s Trucking Software Module Integration

Accounting Integration - In addition to the fact that we integrate our trucking software system with QuickBooks and Sage, we made the interaction the simplest of all! With a solitary snap, you can move over each and every point by point detail for every one of your solicitations. Basically enter your dispatch data into our Exspeedite trucking software and send the last receipt over to QuickBooks or Sage. Our combination likewise permits you to move over your customer and record records, just as your costs. It is accessible for drivers and transporters, as well! Keep your business and bookkeeping needs basic utilizing Exspeedite's completely coordinated venture trucking software with accounting integration !

  1. QuickBooks online
  2. QuickBooks desktop
  3. Sage accounting

Exspeedite's Brokerage Module outperforms the competition in terms of versatility and ease of use. Customize your software options menu to meet your specific business demands and processes. Our transportation software has the flexibility to add new features as you need them, so we can grow with you!

Carrier Module – Exspeedite will guarantee you fulfil both trucking software objectives under one handy solution by automating the onboarding process and doing necessary due diligence.

Client Auto Rate Module - This is the feature that connects all of the auto ratings! You can use this service to create custom rules for each client:

  1. Per mile
  2. Auto attach fuel surcharges
  3. Per pallet rate - incremental
  4. Detention time, including both loaded detention and unloading detention

Handling charges for your clients’ shippers and your clients’ consignees, as well as handling per pallet and even the driver’s rate

Freight charges for shipper-to-consignee points and flat rate state-to-state

Any extra charges that you’d like automatically attached to client invoice

Container Module - Easily manage your tracking activities for all container and chassis movements while uncovering any rental fees and returns that are late. Exspeedite trucking software integrates dispatch operations to give you access to your data, allowing for a smooth transition between order entry, planning, billing, and settlements.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module — Exspeedite's Customer Relationship Management module integrates with your existing system to make sales and marketing efforts more organised and effective. We offer simple and effective trucking software automation solutions to assist your sales team, and you can store all of your historical data in one place.