EDI Integration With Exspeedite

Exspeedite Trucking Software Place Orders Through EDI Capability

It’s time to move away from manual order entry.  There is significant room for error and takes a substantial amount of time to write an order on paper. Plus, if you need to share that information, you have to wait until your busy schedule allows, which in today’s world is highly impractical and inefficient.

With Exspeedite you can place orders directly through EDI capability, allowing you to copy and paste all your important information directly from a computer or mobile device into Exspeedite’s platform, eliminating the possibility of errors. Exspeedite ensures that reporting for all your activities are available for your wide array of needs.  Here are the top 4 activities followed by an example:

204 – Load Tender
990 – Response to Load Tender
214 – Carrier Shipment Status
997 – Acknowledgement

When an order comes in, simply assign it as appropriate.  With one click, an electronic copy of that order is sent from your computer or mobile device to Exspeedite’s software through EDI (204 Load Tender)Exspeedite’s trucking software instantly sends a 997 Acknowledgement to you letting you know the 204 has been received.  The order is automatically created in Exspeedite’s trucking software through EDI, which then notifies the dispatcher.  When the load is accepted, a 990 Response transaction is sent to indicate acceptance.  In the case that a load is declined, you can immediately assign a different carrier and send a new 204.

When the driver picks up the load, he’ll use his on-board mobile device to send a check-call to Exspeedite , which sends you a 214 Status to let you know the truck has arrived and automatically updates your system to the sales person immediately sees the order status.

When the driver is done picking up the load and is back on the road again, the on-board unit will send periodic location updates and will generate more 214 Status notifications. As the load arrives at the drop-off location, another 214 Status showing arrival and unloading times is sent to you.

EDI significantly reduces pick-up-to-paid time and Exspeedite helps you do that.

The overall design of Exspeedite trucking software is modern and sleek!  Each new upgrade brings more improvements to the interface, giving you enhanced performance for yourself and your operations and accounting teams.

Fast, accurate, simple, and intuitive are only a few of the many impressive benefits you will enjoy while using Exspeedite trucking software.

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