Exspeedite Introduces Repair & Maintenance Inspection Reporting Feature

Just when you thought Exspeedite already has everything in place to run your business with the best trucking software, we’ve gone ahead and found another way to make your life even easier!

A new Inspection Reporting Feature has been added to our extensive trucking software portfolio.

This is an important and fundamental feature to have, especially if you’re an Asset-Based company.

We’ll get you reporting all your inspection details in 3 easy steps:

  • Contact Exspeedite to enable the feature for you
    1. https://new.exspeedite.com/contact/
    2. info@new.exspeedite.com
    3. 763-244-1373
  • Login to the Exspeedite portal to get access to and see specific information for Trailer & Tractor via convenient icons and drop-down menus
  • Start tracking all your inspection records

That’s all there is to it.  This tool is powerful, extremely functional, flexible, and customizable!  Simple, intuitive, and comes with a quick “Help” feature, too!  Within this portal, you can view reports, print reports, and e-mail records.

Also, within the user tab, when you click on “mechanics”, you can get there without clicking any other link, so you’ll have fast and direct access to the mechanics part of your business.

Exspeedite trucking software Repair & Maintenance feature includes Inspection Reports as well as Parts and Labor for both tractor and trailer.

Tractor Features:

  • Initial Checks
  • Check / Instrument Gauges (virtual) / Low Air Warning Device
  • Check Windshield Wiper and Washer Operation
  • Inspect Glass, Mirrors, and Horns
  • Check Fluids
  • Remove Pan Plug & Drain Oil
  • Tires (a full diagram of your tires will appear on the screen)
  • Parts

Trailer Features:

  • Lights
  • Clearance Lights
  • Side Marker Lights
  • Tail Lights
  • Stop Lights
  • Brakes
  • Brake Operation
  • Air Tanks
  • Brake Lining
  • Tubing & Hose
  • Enter Specific Comments: Click to Show Location of Damage and Describe Below

Great for tracking any damage to the body condition.  You can select one or all sections (left side, front, right side, top, rear, and floor) of the trailer to note specific dents, scratches, or any other abnormality that needs to be addressed.

A Few More Exciting Highlights:

The portal allows you to list inspection items and place them in the order you wish to see them.

All data entered will presented on one screen, keeping your reporting simple and convenient.

You have the ability to add attachments to the report.

If you’d like to share Inspection Reports, you can e-mail them (or copy yourself) directly from the portal.

Once again, Exspeedite has proven and enhanced our value!

What is the Exspeedite distinction?  Above being trucking software experts in our field, we’re easy to get along with!  We are personable, professional, and know what we’re talking about. We live and breathe all that involves third-party logistics, streamlining dispatch, freight brokerage, optimizing fleets, problem solving, working with shipper companies, document imaging, and management duties in all areas.

Small to medium-size trucking companies need to be able to compete with the larger trucking companies, and the technology on our trucking software platform will help you contend with today’s high-tech world.  We maintain a fresh perspective and continue to make enhancements to accommodate your ever-changing trucking software needs.

This is simply our latest example!