TMS 2020 Trucking software

Are You Optimizing Your TMS Software?

Transportation Management Systems have introduced new and innovative ways of tracking pickups and deliveries, lowering wasteful expenditures, understanding consumer expectations, and obtaining real-time data throughout the entire shipment process. Now, add mobile usage and you have everything in your hands.

Is your company optimizing TMS software?

What is a TMS in trucking?

A transportation management system (TMS) is a logistics platform that uses technology to optimize supply chain management.

A leader in TMS, Exspeedite, summarizes TMS as a more efficient transactional and communication system, allowing users to use large amounts of real-time data to make better judgments, plan, and strategize for ideal transportation solutions.

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 The Advantages of Fast and Reliable TMS Software for Your Trucking Company

Businesses profit from having a reliable and up to date TMS. Exspeedite, a leader in the field, offers these significant advantages:

  1. Advanced tracking systems save costs for both the company and the end user.
  2. Simplifying supply chain processes across locations, modes, and carriers
  3. Business process automation to improve billing and documentation efficiency and accuracy
  4. Improved visibility and safety
  5. Time savings—when there are fewer manual stages, there are less delays and faster delivery times.
  6. The capacity to track freight both locally and globally on a single platform.
  7. Import and export compliance has improved, leading in fewer penalties and delays in shipments.
  8. Improved reporting leads to quicker responses and process improvements, which leads to new business insights.
  9. Better customer service and satisfaction as a result of real-time updates and faster shipping
  10. The capacity to expand the company by meeting and exceeding consumer expectations for quick, on-time delivery. (Exspeedite)
  11. Fully integrated mobile trucking services
  12. On-site, remote, or video training is available.

Fully Integrated Trucking Software

Exspeedite trucking software is an online, fully-integrated trucking software that is both economical and simple to use. It is capable of meeting your operational, HR, and management requirements. It establishes a network that connects technologies, business processes, and other functions.

To satisfy varied transportation business demands, this software is connected with leading industry service and solution suppliers. Exspeedite transportation software improves operational efficiency, resulting in increased client satisfaction and retention.

Advantages Of Proper Truck Fleet Management Using Exspeedite

Truck Fleet Management is one of several features included in the Exspeedite TMS software. Any transportation or trucking firm that is in the shipping business can benefit greatly from proper truck fleet management.

These benefits are especially noticeable when handled by the truck fleet management solutions that Exspeedite offers.

Our truck fleet management solutions use the most up-to-date software technologies.

Using Exspeedite trucking solutions for your truck fleet management will give your business the following advantages.

1. Boost the productivity of your employees and drivers.

2. It will also aid in the reduction of expenditures connected with truck fleet management.

3. It will also limit truck downtime, ensuring that your firm remains operational and that your consumers receive the satisfaction they expect from your services.

4. It will reduce your company’s risk.

5. It also aids in the scheduling of truck fleet maintenance.

6. Exspeedite trucking software solutions will increase your company’s customer service.

Tracking Software Modules

Exspeedite’s trucking software modules are the best for your trucking company and trucking carriers of any size.

Here are the trucking programing modules which are offered to clients at Exspeedite;

  • Carrier
  • Brokerage
  • Container
  • Pallet Tracking
  • Shipment
  • Flatbed
  • CRM
  • Fuel Card

Of Course – Mobile Applications

Exspeedite specializes in building mobile applications for the trucking industry by assisting our clients with mobile technology that is easy and effortless. Based on the client’s needs, native or hybrid mobile apps can be built.

Mobile applications can be integrated with Exspeedite, providing instant mobile access to your operations and admin functions. The mobile app allows drivers to submit their trip forms via a mobile device, avoiding paperwork that requires office staff to manually enter information.

Who Is Exspeedite?

Exspeedite is a group of transportation management software experts with extensive expertise and knowledge in the trucking solutions sector.

As a result, we’ve honed our problem-solving skills in order to assure your company’s and truckload carriers’ success.

We’ve seen plenty of errors and disappointments over the years, enough to give us the knowledge and insight to see where the issues are occurring.

Exspeedite is dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ activities run smoothly, allowing them to achieve the success they desire.

We have been able to produce great and dependable results for our clients’ businesses thanks to our years of experience handling hundreds of trucking programme challenges.

We attend to the demands of our trucking customers, assisting them in providing their businesses with the necessary organisation, ensuring that their operations are well-organized and function smoothly.

Our tools and apps are similarly simple to use. Our services and software are offered to trucking companies and carriers of all sizes. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer to the trucking industry; we’ll work closely with you, like we do with all of our clients, to assess your existing situation and help you through setting up our simple tools.

Let Exspeedite show you a better way to optimize your business.