Third Party Logistics (3PL) Software

What is Transportation Management Services and Its Benefits

Shippers outsource their freight and logistics activities to a third-party logistics (3PL) supplier under Managed Transportation Services Solutions (Managed TMS).

Logistics service providers (LSPs) are third-party logistics organisations that provide this service.

Exspeedite offers a set of services and advanced management tools that help you save time and money when creating, planning, bidding, executing, and reporting your shipments – all in one place and for free!

Shippers improve their logistics and supply chains by partnering with a professional logistics service provider organisation, which results in increased operational efficiencies, lower logistics network and organisational costs, a faster order-to-cash cycle, and better communication with all supply chain stakeholders.

Benefits of Managed Transportation

  • Access Capacity of Load
  • Complete Supply Chain Visibility
  • Unified Communication Platform for All Stakeholders
  • Cost Savings
  • Low Risk Management
  • ROI Betterment
  • Improved Service KPI’s
  • Offload Non-Core Business Processes
  • Technology – Route Optimization
  • Operational Control
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Leverage Knowledge & Expertise of 3PL
  • Freight Audit & Pay
  • Improved Reporting and Analytical Capabilities

Capabilities of Transportation Management Services Software

  • It helps to making best-value decision making ability and compare costs of freight transportation
  • It is capable of supporting motor, rail, ocean, air and international freight shipments
  • Advanced tracking and reporting tools
  • Offers automated shipment planning and tendering
  • Supports location specific information, such as required delivery dates, pickup, route optimization and delivery hours
  • Automated billing process;
  • Support between agency and TSP

Flexible Trucking Business Solutions and Service from Exspeedite

You may outsource to a dedicated staff, track third-party shipments through your network, and transfer freight via a third-party carrier with Exspeedite – or utilise a hybrid solution to get the best of both worlds.