Benefits for Transportation Management Software

Conventional Ways in Managing Your Trucking Business

Need something new to operate your business easily while staying away from the virus?

Well, it’s time for a change and it’s time to let technology do the hard work on behalf of you. Just stay relaxed and experience the convenience of Transport Management System (TMS) offered by Exspeedite with a simple press of a button on your smart device.

Why need Exspeedite TMS for your business?

It’s an era of technology and we are passing an era of digitalization and everything around us is getting automated. We all are living in a fast growing world where people are finding ways to save their time and use that extra time to focus on growing their businesses.

  1. Finding the Best Rates for Specific Movements
  2. Freight Planning Easier
  3. Improves Communication
  4. Establishing a fine tuning with the manufacturers, clients, brokers, distributors

TMS - Transport Management System

So, it is now or never. It’s time to say goodbye to traditional methods of controlling your trucking business and move forward with the world. The ideal TMS system can eliminate all sorts of burning issues in your business and help you to move forward successfully facing the challenges. You can draw an end line for all those time consuming manual procedures and improve your efficiency in decision taking by using online and real time updates of the business. Fantastic right?

Of course there are a number of companies in the market which are engaged in providing TMS services. But why Exspeedite?

The main feature of Exspeedite that distinguishes it from the rest of the players in the industry is that we are ready to cater the transport management requirements of any business engaged in the Transportation industry irrespective of their size. Whether you are a giant in the industry or just stepped in, we are there to support you all with our customized services.

Another feature that highlights Exspeedite in the market is that we are working on a cloud-based system. This feature is highly advantageous if you are an owner of a number of companies. Basically you can control the trucking business operations of a number of individual businesses under a single database. It is really not necessary to check on each and every company independently. See how easy it is and how convenient for you during these pandemic times.

Mobile TMS from Exspeedite, Pandemic and your Business

The outbreak of the C-19 pandemic has highlighted the necessity and importance of automation processes more than ever. It has taught us the requirement of finding new ways of operating a business virtually while keeping ourselves away from the virus.

Moreover, the pandemic has kept many businesses in suspense whether to use a transportation management system with most of their employees working remotely. This has emphasized the importance of a cloud-based mobile friendly TMS system that allows the business owners to manage their businesses from anywhere at any time.

This is common to any business industry including the transportation business. We at Exspeedite continuously try to bring you the best digital products in the market that makes your transport management easier. We provide a wide range of customized services related to the transportation industry and stand out from all of our competitors with the high level of service quality we maintain in our business.

Sometimes it is hard to think of an industry like Transportation business that can practically be managed by smart devices and digital technology without having to be physically involved in the process at least up to a small extent. But with Exspeedite, “Everything” (we mean it), related to managing your trucking business has become possible with the smart device on your palm. You don’t have to worry about anything other than your loved ones at home.


Trucking software on your mobile phone? Is this even possible?

Yes, this is totally possible and this could be the ultimate solution you need. We at Exspeedite provide you 100% mobile software solutions, which are 100% right for managing your transportation business. Our mobile software will not only help grow your business but will definitely become something that will keep you connected with your business at all times during these challenging times with the pandemic. Exspeedite mobile software for your trucking business can offer following benefits,

  1. The ease of access – No need to run to your office during these critical times. Just use your mobile phone to monitor everything related to the business by staying right at your home.
  2. Tracking of location – Driver locations can easily be tracked and it feels like your entire fleet of trucks are on your hands.
  3. Ease of payment – Hassle free payments systems available on the applications which enables you to pay your employees online. Absolutely no need to visit your bank.
  4. Feedback system – Very important feature in maintaining good customer relationships.
  5. Accounting – Simple interfaces integrated with key accounting software for inserting transactions and recording information all inside your smart device.
  6. Chat with drivers – Your drivers are seconds away from you. The mobile application enables you to chat with drivers in real time and keep the communication line without interruptions.
  7. Ease of making orders – No need to even think of lengthy paperwork in placing orders. You can manage your orders through the mobile application avoiding most errors.

If you are searching for a reliable partner to support your transportation management, you do not need to think twice. Exspeedite is the ultimate solution for effectively managing your transport business. Whether you are a small or a big company, we offer the most user friendly yet highly productive web based trucking software solutions for your business.

At Exspeedite, we are trying to elevate the transportation management to a whole new level with our fully mobile and reactive software consists of cloud-based databases which perfectly suits the modern trend of smart world. Above all, we are equipped with a highly advanced and powerful mobile platform that can control your entire transport business virtually, right from the smart device on your hands. So you don’t have to step outside your home or office to check in to any matter related to your business during these pandemic periods.