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Feeling Overwhelmed in the Trucking Industry in 2023-2024?

Sometimes as human beings we feel overwhelmed at things. We also can feel overwhelmed by the things which we have had to deal with. This situation is not unique or particular to any group of people, professionals, race or tribes. Feeling overwhelmed happens to us all. 

Talking about the trucking industry, if you ask me, I think it should overwhelm anyone, no matter the sector of the industry that you service, whether as a driver, carrier, broker or shipper. You can't but agree with me especially when you look at the size of the trucking industry. 

TMS 2020 Trucking software

Some reports put the value of the trucking industry at $800 billion (USD). That is no small value by any standard. As a business owner or operator in the industry, there's got to be times when things in the industry can overwhelm you. 

The trucking industry is a highly cyclical industry and this is a fact that every player in the industry is aware of. Due to this cyclical nature of the industry, a trucking company can do so well with so much work to do in one year and you will then see work and profitability drop in the next year. And this may not have anything to do with the general economic condition of the country at the time. 

To further buttress this point, a trucking company with three trucks was overwhelmed and did so much work in one year that it grossed more than $973,000 (USD) in one single year. The next year, the company was dry of work that it struggled to make $212,000 (USD). As work slows down in the trucking industry, it comes with it, drops in the take-home pay of drivers.

This situation is not only unique to trucking businesses of any size. Small trucking businesses can be affected as much as the larger trucking businesses. In fact, in periods of less work in the trucking industry major trucking companies have consistently missed and even had to revise their earnings projections quarter after quarter.

There may be players in the trucking industry who may not be overwhelmed by the industry, especially when you have experience spanning more than 30 years in the industry. Maybe, one will say that the experience should count for something. 

But for most people in the industry, getting overwhelmed from time to time is not such a problem. In most situations, one cannot say that getting overwhelmed is a good thing or a desirable position to be in. So, is it a good thing to be overwhelmed, especially in the trucking industry?

Now, what dose it mean to be overwhelmed? Let us take the example of being a truck driver in the trucking industry. As a truck driver, you are overwhelmed when there is so much that you have to do. But, then, you are not sure of how and where to start to do them all. That means that you are overwhelmed. 

Expecting one to be overwhelmed in the trucking industry is not out of place especially when you realize that the trucking industry is an extremely fast-paced industry, requiring a lot of hard work. With so many trucking companies getting overwhelmed and even declaring bankruptcies, one cannot help but feel overwhelmed in the industry.


You might have been wondering, is there not a way to deal with and defeat feeling overwhelmed in the trucking industry? There's got to be a way! Well, not to worry, there is a way for you to deal with feeling overwhelmed with the trucking industry. 

And the answer to your worry lies in technology. With technology, the processes of your trucking business can be automated. Automation will simplify your business processes and free up more time to do the things that matter for the sustained growth of your trucking business. 

To defeat feeling overwhelmed, your business can deploy a specialized trucking software program designed for the trucking industry. When you automate your business, you get up to 3-4 extra hours per day to devote to other tasks.

The right transport management system software will solve all your overwhelming problems and headaches with your trucking company. This means that you can do more work for less the amount of time it takes you to do same work without a transport management system software. 

Using a trucking industry software will also help you to handle all your customer relationship management challenges. Every trucking company knows how customer relationship management can be, but with a trucking software, you have no worries. 

You will not have to deal with all the manual processes of record keeping as a transport management system software will take care of that for your business. Also, for better decision making, a transport management software will equip your business with real-time data and alerts for transactions in your business. A transport management software is your savior from feeling overwhelmed in the trucking industry. 


You might ask, what more reason do I have to consider a Transport Management Software (TMS)? Well, I can give you some;

  1. Speed up your billing cycle: If you want your business to succeed and withstand the waves of the cyclical trucking market and increase the profitability of your business you need to speed up your trucking billing cycle with the use of a transport management software which sends out your invoices promptly to your customers.  
  2. 15-minute fuel tax: You know how time-consuming it can be to do your fuel tax. With a TMS, you can get your fuel tax done in 15 minutes with the single click of a computer mouse.  
  3. Easy, stress free driver pay: Taking care of your payroll is not an easy task especially if you are doing it manually. It can be stressful. It is stressful as it is time-consuming. But with a TMS, you can pay your drivers without stress because your payroll process will become automated. Thereby not only making it easy for you to pay your drivers but also saving you time.

Now, you truly do not have to feel overwhelmed in the trucking industry because technology has given you transport management software (TMS).