FIKL with Exspeedite

Go Ahead – Be FICKL About Your Trucking Software!

Or in Exspeedite’s case…FIKL.  If you’re reading our blog, you’ve seen The ABCs of Exspeedite’s Trucking Software Module Integration and the Continuing with D&E Integration Modules offerings.  Going on down the line in the alphabet…we welcome you to be FIKL with Exspeedite enterprise trucking software!

“F” is for Flatbed, Fuel Surcharge, and Fuel Cards!

Flatbed Module – Exspeedite administers real-time automated alerts, which allows you to monitor and enhance business performance.  Easily identify any gaps and inefficiencies with your load haulers, including flatbeds, heavy freight, and over-sized deliveries.

FSC Module – Our Fuel Surcharge Module allows you to create matrix-style fuel surcharge rates, including per-mile percentages and flat rates.  These can model the DOE or any other well-known matrix. As you enter the weekly or monthly fuel prices, Exspeedite will automatically recalculate and auto-charge according to the logic.

Fuel Cards Module – The Fuel Surcharge Module also allows you to add vendor fuel cards for set up and provides you the ability to populate fuel per state and per tractor with the single click of a button.  And we also have the fancy and quite impressive trucking software integration to go with it!  Comdata, Fleet One, Custom Yard, Excel…you name it, wish for it, or request it, and it’s either already there or we’ll enthusiastically build it for you!

“I” is for International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

IFTA Module –This is the reporting module designed specifically for IFTA that allows you to see your fuel and miles per state with some fancy graphs that will help you analyze your business.  Exspeedite trucking software will automatically update IFTA tax rates for you that includes every Jurisdiction every quarter. We’ll track the history of the Fuel Tax Rates so you can compare it any time you need to.  Import your fuel mileage directly, automatically generate your fuel purchases, electronically download any fuel transactions for review, and report away!  Tracking business expenses has never been easier.  Exspeedite enterprise trucking software houses all the critical information you need and is conveniently integrated on one platform.

“K” is for Key (or Knowledge) Point Indicators (KPI)

KPI Module – This very powerful Key Point Indicators, or Knowledge Point Indicators, module allows you to analyze your business and see strengths and weaknesses to help you stay profitable, plus it allows you to manage your profitability margin per load. Exspeedite will aid you in driving decisions during your daily operations. Our trucking software process automation shares specific types of business processes that contribute to superior operational excellence in your company. View historical data for specific time frames before issues become too big to resolve.  Use our business intelligence tools to configure a specialized dashboard designed with the Balanced Scorecard model in mind.  End users and managers can track KPIs to determine next steps.

“L” is for Load and Less-than-Truckload (LTL)

Load Module – Allows you to create loads which include less than truckload shipping, full truckload shipping, and 3PL loads.

LTL Module – This feature covers it all! Enter multiple load shipments, sort them, dock them at either empty stops or multiple legs – you name it, Exspeedite software has a solution for it!

At Exspeedite, we’re not only selling solutions – that’s merely a side perk.  Every time we pick up the phone or respond to an email…any time you see us on social media – or anywhere you see the Exspeedite trucking software logo – remember that we’ve been in your shoes, logo on sports race car.  We know how frustrating running a business like yours can be at times; what it’s like to struggle to compete with the giants of the industry.  Let Exspeedite take care of that for you.  Our job is to make your life easier; and if there was ever a time to be fickle (which may have the reputation of having a negative connotation…), this is a case where being FIKL will benefit you in every way you can imagine!  Well, at least as far as your enterprise trucking software goes…we help you keep it movin’!