Trucking Software And The Fast Racecar

Exspeedite’s Software And The Fast Racecar

In this article, we are going to take you through a nice comparison of the Exspeedite trucking software and the fast race car which we sponsor. We shall also let you into the world of the driver of the car, Nate R. Servaty, whom we have been sponsoring for three years now.

Exspeedite's sponsored car

The more than 15 years which we as the developers of Exspeedite have committed into the trucking software industry counts for a lot as we have gathered great experience in fixing and also optimizing transportation operations, including experience in handling  software issues.

We have become the best friend of the trucking companies and have developed what we know is missing from most other truck & fleet software  products, in addition to keeping our technology  up to date and easy to use. The greatest part of it all is that you can get our product at a very affordable price.

Transportation is as old as man and as a result, the transportation industry has remained a booming opportunity. So much in our economy today rely on transportation.

Therefore, in an age of technology, transportation management software has become a necessity to make transportation management system (TMS) and  management of transportation companies more efficient.

Also, over time and over the years, car racing and motor racing has grown and evolved just as transportation has also evolved.

There is a great relationship between motor sport and what we do at Exspeedite. Car racing is a competitive  sport just as the trucking software industry. So at Exspeedite, we approach our business as a competitive sports where the ultimate winners are our clients.

Motor racing or auto racing is indeed as old as the invention of the automobile. Just as we have different problem solving software products which we have painstakingly developed to solve transportation management software problems of different categories of clients, there are also many different categories of auto racing.

Technology has also found it’s way into  motor racing as any other area of human endeavor as motor racing has evolved. Today, auto racing or motor racing has so much seen the impact of modern technology which have also led to the attraction of corporate sponsorship in the sport.Which is one of the reasons why Exspeedite is sponsoring our driver, Nate R. Servaty.

In the dirt track racing category where Nate is involved, the category is the most common form of auto racing especially in the United States of America. And because of the popularity of the sport in the United States, there are many  Ultimate race car tracks in the country both locally regionally.The sport also enjoys popularity in the developed world just as Exspeedite is popular with our customers around the world.

Trucking Software And Ultimate Race car

Technology is at the heart of what we do at Exspeedite. To show how critical technology is to us at Exspeedite, you can see the richness of the features of our software. What we have at Exspeedite is not just a trucking software but an efficient and easy to use transportation management software which has made smooth the operations of our numerous clients. This is not absent in the race car which we sponsor. 

Whenever you are using an Exspeedite trucking software or see the amazing race car which we sponsor, check out for our mobile tracking which can be  uniquely integrated with any vendor using an API.Our sole premise is based on transportation  in today’s world, and  Exspeedite enterprise trucking software  technology is designed  not only for today, but with the future in mind. The same way, the fastness of the race car which we sponsor is designed with the latest technology in car equipment which makes the car move very fast and has been positioned as the car of the future.

We  are often asked what makes Exspeedite different from the rest. The answer is  quality. It’s no secret that there are several other trucking software  providers available for small to mid-size trucking companies.

Fleet management operations is a huge and competitive market. Our niche is the enterprise software space; other companies do not have our specialized enterprise trucking software structure to allow them to compete with the larger trucking companies. Exspeedite does. Your business is  going to get bigger and you need a reliable  partner to grow with you at your pace. Also, applying this to our race car, what makes our race car unique is the quality of work that goes into producing the car which has contributed to make it a very fast car on the race tracks.

Also, with Exspeedite, can build shipments with lightning speed and efficiency with auto saving techniques. This is the same lighting speed that you find in our race car.

Our menu of offerings is comprehensive to ensure you get the highest quality enterprise trucking software with the best competitive advantage. Our transportation management software is superb. We provide the best trucking software that is integrated with leading industry service and solution providers to  address your portfolio of trucking business demands.

This is what we have done with our latest trucking software release. Our race car is but with the right engine size and equipment requirements.

Our Ultimate Race car Driver, Nate R. Servaty

At Exspeedite, we do not tolerate mediocre performance and this is evident in our choice of a driver for our car, Nate R. Servaty.

Servaty was born on May 5, 1992 and has maintained
 the career of a Central Minnesota WISSOTA hornet racer.

RaceCar Nate R. Servaty Minnesota WISSOTA

Nate R. Servaty did not just stumble into hornet racing. Just as Exspeedite  that has devoted more than 15 years to solving trucking software problems, Servaty has spent years around the racing sports having grown around the sport for many years.

Servaty considers himself privileged to race with the great facilities and technology which has been availed him through  the Exspeedite sponsorship.

Ultimate Racecar Driver, Nate R. Servaty

Despite the competition, Servaty, just as Exspeedite is succeeding. Here’s how our driver stands in the ultimate race  car industry. For the year 2017:

  • 2nd in national rookie points 2017.
  • 11th for the WISSOTA national points.
  • 3rd place points grainite CITY Speedway 2017.
  • Rookie of the year grainite CITY Speedway 2017

For the year 2018, Nate R. Servaty also performed remarkably well.

Here’s how he stood at the end of 2018:

  • 11th WISSOTA national points with only 19 shows.
  • 2nd place points Ogilvie Raceway.
  • 5th place grainite city with only 6 shows.
  • Mn modified nationals night 1 winner (1st feature win).

Nathan Richard Servaty really enjoys welding on Derby cars, mud trucks, race cars, trailers and farm equipment which he has been doing all his  whole life.

He’s a country boy, who loves and enjoys the outdoors.Hunting and fishing are also his thing.

Nate Servaty came first in the feature of the night at the Opener at Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway. He came first after he hit pass Jake Smith and holding off Dan Harstad during the first night of the 11th Annual Season Opener.


We have all seen that Exspeedite means business, we are not just providing the best solution in trucking software and  transportation management software, we are also involved in the sports part of the business with our sponsorship for the race car.


We have also been able to x-ray the unique nature of our trucking software and the top fast race car that we gave been sponsoring for three years running.

Also, you must check out our latest brand new release of our trucking management software with the latest updates in current trucking software technology.