Mobile Trucking Software

How Mobile Trucking Software Can Help You Grow Your Business

21st century realities have shifted the focus on desktop applications to mobile applications for trucking companies, the ease of usage that comes with this mobile apps account for this great shift. A lot of trucking software have also been thoroughly fine tuned, developed and mastered to suit trucking businesses in a grand way. The efficiency centered and growth oriented truck businesses cannot afford to neglect the use of mobile apps. One of this amazing software is Exspeedite software for LTL businesses. The utility is endless.

Here are some of the advantages mobile software offers trucking businesses. They are almost indispensable to growth and they greatly inspire the growth of trucking companies. These benefits include

  • The ease of access

This tops the list of the biggest advantages trucking software offer. Their presence on mobile phones makes them available anytime and anywhere possible. It gives businesses a sleeker control even outside office. All aspects of the business can be over seen and kept up with using mobile trucking software.

This accessibility also enables companies in search of delivery services across different locations easily reach out to trucking companies whose apps are accessible online. This increases network of clients, hence profitability and consequently results in growth.

  • Tracking of location

Locations of drivers can be easily tracked with the GPS features embedded in trucking software. There is a form of connectivity, synchronicity in service this brings. A tracked driver is less prone to scrupulous acts and in case of unforeseen circumstances like accidents, response is quickly achieved. This feature is essential to any growing trucking business. It is in fact a feature that must be incorporated. It gives a trucking business an image of professionalism and gives the clients an impression of reliability.

  • Ease of payment

Little factors account for excellence; an essential element for the true growth of any business. A seemingly trivial factor like ease of payment can tend to be a major patronizing factor. Trucking Invoice software has different means of payment through credit cards incorporated in them. With just a few swipes of the finger, payment could be easily made. This eliminates the possibility of fraud, stress and other difficulties including delays associated with conventional payment means. The payment methods are quick, instant and may be universal.

  • Feedback system

Mobile trucking software offer effective feedback systems to allow clients get back directly to the trucking company about a complaint or ways to improve their services. There is also a platform to rate drivers and so many more opportunities for feedbacks giving the trucking company an opportunity to improve constantly their services. In plain language, it improves customer service. a company that constantly gets better is one that is truly experiencing growth. Feedbacks from clients are valuable tools in the hands of any growth-oriented trucking business.

  • Accounting

This is also one of the major utilities you will readily find with trucking software. They offer simple interfaces for inputting records and carrying out transactions. A solid accounting operation can definitely not be excluded from what accounts for growth of any trucking company. Exspeedite for example integrates QuickBooks and sage which are one of the most recognized and effective accounting software any trucking software can have in their arsenal. They give the benefit of advance financial reports, driver and contractor settlement, and planned deductions. The administrative advantage trucking mobile software give trucking companies cannot be over emphasized and for any professionally run and growth oriented trucking company, the advantages trucking software offer are essential.

  • Chat with drivers

The communication line between the dispatchers and the drive is open always through mobile trucking apps. The apps offer the opportunity to send and receive messages at any point in time. Some of the apps keep track of messages for references.

  • Ease of making orders

Making orders manually is quite archaic and not very effective. It takes time and too much energy that could be diverted into something more productive to write an order down. EDI features on mobile trucking software make this possible, giving the chance to effectively manage orders while preventing costly errors in the process of replacing orders on the platform. Load tender, responses to it and other necessary courier details are effectively monitored.

Growth is a product of constant change and development. The use of mobile software greatly enhances the effecting of constant change and this consequently enhances growth. Since all the services and company operations are mostly software based, any big changes might just be a little adjustment to the already existing software. Revisions, updates and other improvements can be easily and swiftly effected.

The ease of accessibility they offer can also be very useful in retaining a solid and engaging client/company relationship. In this tech-age more people are more familiar with their smart phones than their PC’s. Research shows that as the day passes by, records of people performing operations with their mobile phones are constantly and progressively outnumbering those using PC’s. In 2018 alone, mobile phone users outnumbered PC users by 16%.

Any company that will achieve any worthwhile growth must definitely be futuristic in their outlook. This statistics and many more realities have proven that mobile phone software is essential elements for the growth of trucking companies in this ever evolving world. There is a future in it for trucking companies.

In meeting the demands of changes, mobile apps for trucking businesses are necessary to serve certain needs. It makes operations more cost effective and makes management of even the minutest details possible. Mobile trucking software may help deal with growth inhibiting issues such as financial and resource management, dispatch and planning and comprehensive driver monitoring.

The features listed above are not excusable for the growth of trucking businesses. Growth is also a product of efficiency and service. Without these basic features or several other features trucking software offer, it might be impossible to strongly compete in the trucking business world. Without this, any major growth might not be recorded.