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Why Fleet management Software is an Important Part For The Transportation Management Business

Managing a fleet is a very serious business at any level. Your fleet can be an old fleet or a new fleet. Regardless of how many they are, fleet management is an important part of the transportation management business.


The transportation business is a capital intensive business with an above average risk level. To achieve success in the transportation business and to avoid running into avoidable losses, this is where the fleet management function comes in to save the day for transportation management companies.

Before now and the advent of technology, the fleet management function was a manual one and was also very tedious. But that is no longer the case today. Technology has changed the story. The fleet management function is now a very computerized function, especially in commercial transportation undertakings or businesses.

In this article, we shall be discussing the fleet management function. We shall be paying particular attention to fleet software and how they can be deployed and used in transportation management. We are also going to go further by recommending a fleet management system from a trucking software company that is in a class of its own.

How Fleet Management Software Can Help Your Business

If you have a good transportation management business or you intend to own a fleet which to can manage, it is important that you get transportation management software like a fleet management software. This is going to help your business in more ways than one. In fact, in now ways than you can imagine. There is more fact in the statement above than you can think about.

Let us look at fleet management software on its merits. Basically speaking, fleet management is the management of both private and commercial motor vehicles. Essentially, we are looking at trucks, cars, and vans. Also, fleet management also transcends to flying machines such as the airplane, and helicopters. Ships are also not exempted. So we are looking at all the means of transportation that can be commercialized.

As with any other thing or concept, management is a process and fleet management is not an exception. The process of fleet management comprises of a set of functions. For example, the process of financial investment and fleet acquisition, these are all part of the process of fleet management.

Another important function includes fleet replacement and lifecycle management. This is important because fleets like any other man-made objects or machine have a life cycle and a time when they are most efficient. But as wear and tear set in, replacement becomes necessary and this must also be done in a timely manner and correctly too. This requires proper planning and execution.

With the above, you can see that fleet management is a process of many functions and activities in between. You will agree with me that doing all these manually is a lot of work. Now, this us where it comes in.

It is very important in reducing the cost for transportation management companies and businesses. All the activities and functions which are part of fleet management can be performed using a fleet management software. This includes the process of managing finances and accounting and fleet procurement. It brings organization and coordination into the process of fleet management.

exspeedite accounting software

Following the importance of fleet management, some transportation management companies have a department within the organization that handles the function while some others who may not have the resources to maintain a fleet management department within their organization decide to outsource the function.

So, Exspeedite provides the best solutions for transportation management companies to make their work more efficient and to help reduce cost. The need for efficiency has created a market for fleets and technology has ably come to the rescue.

Exspeedite Fleet Management Software Gives Your Business The Best Value

There is so many fleet management software around these days. A lot of them making one promise or the other to transportation management companies. But  Exspeedite is number one.

Exspeedite is not just number for nothing folks. Exspeedite is number because it offers the best value for transportation management companies when it comes to fleet management.

What makes Exspeedite the number one fleet software for creating the best value is not just the efficiency and affordable price of the trucking software but the years of experience which the developers of Exspeedite have poured into the development of their software.

When you get the Exspeedite truck management software for business the value which your company stands to benefit includes real-time automated alerts, which allows you to monitor and enhance business performance for your trucking business.

Exspeedite is built on new, cloud-based systems, this is a knock out for the old transportation and fleet management software. We are completely innovative and does not stick to the old ways of doing transportation software. The company believes that its clients should get the best technology that is available at any time.

Exspeedite makes reporting easy and better for you as you can decide which departments access which reports, and set filters based on your specifications. This feature particularly great if your transportation company is a large one with a lot of departments.

Customer satisfaction is important for the success of your business and this starts with knowing what the customer wants. As a trucking company or transportation management business, Exspeedite gives you the benefit of a customer relationship management module that can provide integrated functionality with your existing system to make sales and marketing initiatives more organized and effective.

Running repair maintenance on your fleet is also important.  Exspeedite’s software enables you to work your way around repair maintenance forms, giving you options to enter in data like dates and odometer reports.

For example, you can see overdue things on your trailer fleet which are highlighted in yellow to make it easy for you to know what needs to be done.


The process of fleet management is a very important one for transportation management companies. Before technology became very prominent, fleet management was an entirely manual process requiring a lot of paperwork, manpower, and recourses. But today, technology has changed all that.

Essential Fleet management system has brought efficiency and reduced cost to the business of transportation management. Transportation management companies have identified the very essential role which it is plays in the success of their businesses.

A lot of technology and software companies have cashed in on the need for efficiency in fleet management to create very useful software for transportation companies to help the transportation companies to manage their fleet properly. The benefits which can be derived from it includes the collection and storage of data for enhanced decision making. Fleet management software also helps transportation companies and transportation management companies in fleet monitoring and replacement.

Of the numerous truck software and fleet management software that are available today, Exspeedite trucking management software is a top-notch trucking management software that caters to the fleet management needs of transportation companies of any size. If you are a long-standing transportation management company or a new seeking to find traction in the industry, trucking software remains your best bet for a solid and responsive fleet software.