Know The Means of Supply Chain Management

The transportation management system is one of the many systems that can be found in an organization. It is an enterprise system or solution. What many do not know, however, is that the transportation management system is a part of supply chain management.

If you do not know, here is what supply chain management means. It essentially means the movement of goods and services. This is from the point where the good is produced to the final point of consumption. Supply chain management deals with and requires a lot of logistics to make it happen. This is where transportation comes in. And for transportation to work there has to be a transportation management software system.

Supply chain management starts from the point of design to planning, to execution and also monitoring. Trucking software or trucking systems engineering also plays a very important role in supply chain management and also transportation management system and third party logistics (3PL). Looking at transportation management system as a subset of supply chain management can open our eyes to a lot of possibilities.

In terms of organizations and enterprises, transportation management is mostly an outsourced function. Technology and engineering companies who play in this industry have then designed and built systems that can support the transportation management function.

In this article, we are going to look at transportation management system in a to understand the concept. We are also going to look at the benefits of a  management system and then look at the great possibilities that lie within the Exspeedite transportation management system software.

You Need To Understand Transportation Management System

A lot can be said about transportation management system. This is particularly true if you understand the very essence of transportation. You as an individual will appreciate how important it is for you to move from one point to another. From one city to another city and one continent to another continent. If you appreciate this essence and then it will not be a problem for you to understand the TMS.

As an outsourced function which is provided by companies that are transportation management companies, transportation management system requires a lot of input from technology and systems that are driven by technology. Therefore, the transportation management system is provided in the form of software, by transportation management companies.

As a result, the market is an open one with not a lot of barrier to entry, although licensing is required. A transportation management system is required to keep the transportation business and the industry going. So you will see a wide application throughout the industry, including shippers and trucking companies.

In recent times, the transportation management system industry has witnessed a surge in activities and also market growth. Companies are constantly innovating to improve their transportation management capabilities. A transportation management system which is also known as TMS now comes designed in modules by transportation management companies.

As a transportation management system is provided in the form of software, it comes packaged as Software As A Service (SAAS).

Transportation management system requires careful processes which drive the function for transportation management. As mentioned, the process starts from the point of design and planning.

The design and planning process is done with very key things in mind which includes understanding the necessary parameters required to make the system to be able to deliver as required.In designing and planning a TMS software , the key consideration is the user policy which comprises a number of variables such as flows regrouping coefficient, shorter lead-time, and transport cost.

Benefits Of Transportation Management System

Transportation is an important part of the global economic equation. This underscores the importance of a transportation management system.

  • Efficiency: There are enormous benefits which can be found with using a transportation management system. The most profound of the benefits that can be found with transportation management software is the efficiency which it provides. This efficiency lies mainly in the application of technology of the transportation management systems which eliminates or reduces the manual processes.
  • Reduced Cost:¬†As a transportation management business you understand that costs can be high at times. So, reducing cost becomes a priority. Transportation management systems make it possible for you to reduce costs for your business as this would improve cash flow for your business.
  • Automation: Another important benefit of a TMS for s automation. Through application and the use of technology transportation management systems successfully eliminates the manual processes and makes the transportation management system process an automated one which greatly eliminates errors. Also, apart from eliminating errors, transportation management systems reduce the time required to carry out different functions around the business.
  • Optimization: For every transportation management business, optimization is vital. Through transportation management systems transport operations can be optimized to make better use of the resources of the business. When this is achieved, the impact would be felt at the bottom line thereby leading to improved customer service levels.

The benefit of automation can also be felt in the aspects of saving money for the business. This means that the positive impact of automation as a benefit of a transportation management system can be observed at every process of the transportation management business, from planning to execution and monitoring.

Exspeedite As Best Transportation Management System

One transportation management system that stands out from the crowd of transportation management systems which we have in the industry today is Exspeedite. Exspeedite is for very obvious reasons.

Exspeedite offers a unique transportation management system software that makes it easy for you to identify any gaps and inefficiencies with your load haulers; flatbeds, heavy freight, and over-sized deliveries offering the greatest efficiency benefit for your trucking business.

The capability of being able to easily integrate your business with popular programs such as PC*Miler, Google Miles, and also customize auto miles per client with Exspeedite is one that no transportation management business should miss.

The Exspeedite transportation management system is born out of the experience of many years spanning more than 15 years of the developers of the transportation management system. This has made it possible for the of Exspeedite’s business intelligence tools which makes it possible for you to configure a specialized dashboard designed with the Balanced Scorecard model in mind for your business.


We have been able to see the great importance of the transportation management system. We are also able to x-ray the important role which the transportation management system plays as a subset of supply chain management. Supply chain management consists of other important concepts and functions such as system engineering and (3PL) logistics.

Transportation Management System (TMS) is an important process which drives the success and activities of transportation management companies. For a transportation management system to deliver on its purpose, the key process of planning in consideration to step out user policy.

The benefits of transportation management systems cannot be ignored, especially the efficiency and improvement which it introduces into transportation management. Improvements which have remarkable impacts also on customer satisfaction and the business’s bottom line.

Following the benefits of transportation management systems which we have bee able to look at in this article, we can see that Exspeedite offers all the benefits and more. The Exspeedite transportation management system is the best choice transportation management system in the industry today. Whenever you need to take your business tithe next level and needs a transportation management system that will take you there, call on Exspeedite.