Manage Your Business with Exspeedite Trucking Software

Manage Your Business with Exspeedite Trucking Software

What makes Exspeedite trucking software so much different from the rest of the available trucking software programs out there is our dedication to quality? Operating a fleet can be a massive job and there is a lot of competition in the market, we make it easier for you to manage your business so that you have a leg up in this niche market. We target the exact demands of trucking companies in order to expedite operations and our technology is easy to use and very affordable. This helps you to increase the performance of your operations and provide excellent customer service satisfaction and exceptional rates of job retention.

Day-to-day business can be overwhelming when jam packed with high demands and we know that your team members are always looking for a better, faster, easier and more affordable way to get things done. So, let Exspeedite trucking software help you on your road to success but targeting your pain-points and reducing the potential blockers and providing you with excellent solutions to your everyday problems! Being easy to work with professionals and experts in our fields is just one of the things that make Exspeedite trucking software the best line of defense you can have for your business. Third party logistics is our bread and butter and we know what we are talking about when it comes to streamlining dispatch, freight brokerage, fleet management systems, document imaging, working with shipping companies, and expediting the management duties in all the areas of your business.

We understand that your needs can evolve very quickly and frequently so we love to get your feedback and take your input into consideration to constantly improve the services we can offer you! That is how we are constantly focusing on what is most important to you and how to make Exspeedite trucking software more efficient with your growing transportation needs.

When it comes to the efficiency of Exspeedite trucking software the options are endless. For example, let’s talk about local or city dispatch where you have regular occurring pick up and drop off deliveries to be made on a weekly/monthly etc. basis. Our software is designed so you can organize all of your pick/drops locally and set up all the needed docking behavior you could ever need. In one of the menus of Expspeedite trucking software you are able to make a list of all of your regular clients and it includes everything that you could possibly need to keep track of in an incredibly simple and easy to use charts. The charts are designed for efficiency when listing things such as the companies you are sending shipments out to deliver to, as well as keeping track of whether they have been shipped, delivered, docked, being held, equipment required for unloading/loading, the time zone of the destination, track pallets and much, much more. You decide!

What makes having these lists so easily available is not only the fact that you can stay organized and on top of everything, but also the filter option. You can look in your orders list and select from it through the filter option things such as what time zone or zip code so as to send out all pick ups or drop off to one filter option at the same time. They are easily sorted by these means and keeping your repeat orders grouped together like this in the lists you have created ensures that everything is being sent to the right place at the right time, every time! All you need to do to create the loads that are needed is to just drag and drop and voila! Simple as that!

Once you have arranged all of your pick/drop orders you can return to you list of duties that need attention daily, select your driver, tractor/trailer and carrier. You can even choose to have each driver assigned to a specified tractor/trailer to avoid having to waste anytime in selecting a different rig each time. Once this is decided you can simply click to pick/drop each load and for each load you will see the due date of the pick/drop, dispatch, or if the load has already been dispatched it will show the actual time of delivery. There is even an option for if in the even that the delivery was late you can enter in the reason as to what stalled the delivery.

Also another thing you’ll be able to see the times and locations where things have been done i.e. pick/drops as well. You can also select if you want all of the arriving shipments to dock all at one place or if each needs to dock at different doors. The details are very specific right down to the minute meaning that you can track your shipments and drop off down to the minute that they are arriving and departing from their destinations.

When you go back to your selecting shipments you will see in the list you have created based on orders that are repeats or upcoming, the available shipments will have an icon beside them that will show you which of the available shipments have already docked and are ready for delivery which takes out any chance of confusion of accidently sending the same shipments more than you need to.

With Exspeedite trucking software it’s time to get organized and say goodbye to the headaches that can come along with managing a trucking company. We cater to all ranges of business, from big to small we’ve got you all and our amazing trucking software portfolio consists of trucking management software for dispatch, brokerage, EDI, mobile communications, OS&D, IFTA, order imports, and conveniently delivers driver information with event notifications instantly to your email address keeping you up to date on all of your transportation needs!

No matter what your transportation needs are and focus on we are well equipped and excited to deliver to you and your business the best in trucking software, catering to each and every segment of the industry. We set our standards high with our advanced trucking software to benefit you and your fleet of drivers, especially those of which are long-haul drivers and our main goal is to alleviate as many of the stresses and frustrations that go hand in hand with keeping any size of company organized. Exspeedite trucking software is designed as a user-friendly portal that can even be conveniently operated from a smart phone when you can’t get to your computer, making it easy to keep track of your shipments while on the go! Not only that, but Exspeedite trucking software makes things so simple that retaining drivers is even easier as there is no confusion, making your drivers efficient and worries free! For that reason alone, in an industry where keeping drivers as well as finding new drivers can be very tricky, Exspeedite trucking software is an amazing tool to have on your side for maintaining the success of your company!